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Diva Dirt’s Evolution

To our readers:

Since 2008, Diva Dirt has turned out news and opinion pieces on women’s wrestling. As the largest and longest-running women’s wrestling site on the Internet, Diva Dirt has a responsibility to provide its readers with the most relevant content, while keeping them up-to-date by providing quality news pieces, quickly. While Diva Dirt certainly has evolved, thanks to a committed and talented staff who believed in the equality of women’s wrestling, the evolution hasn’t been fast enough.

Diva Dirt and its satellite companies are tired of an ever-growing “click bait” trend, and know that women of professional wrestling deserve full, thorough, and serious coverage. So, in order to keep up with the massive women’s revolution, Diva Dirt has decided to evolve, as well.

Readers have noticed a lack of coverage where it counts the most, and Diva Dirt has noticed this gaping hole, as well. The site will no longer allow anything but in-depth coverage and content to hit the site. The company will refuse to confuse kayfabe with real news, and regurgitate kayfabe without providing an interesting angle. Diva Dirt is not here to cater to any promotion, WWE or independent, which means we will not cover small stories just to make sure the agenda is pushed. There will be no simple reciting of facts without an interesting angle or background story, which will eliminate simple rating posts, reduxes, or basic discussion posts.

Diva Dirt looks to the future, and has planned an evolution we believe our readers and fans will enjoy. From now on, readers can expect thorough profiles of women wrestlers, instead of just Women Of The Day posts. We will provide unique stories within all promotions, and follow all sources when possible. Diva Dirt will not provide bland results and reviews, because we know that our fans already watch the shows and pay-per-views. Instead, Diva Dirt aims to provide exclusive news, interviews, video coverage, live coverage, strong social media involvement, and spoilers only for big, multi-show tapings.

This change means the staff at Diva Dirt also needs to evolve. Readers can expect higher quality standards when it comes to structure, formatting, media, and social involvement. Recruitment will aim to fill the staff with experienced, professional writers who know the sport from head-to-toe and can provide surprising insights. Featured writers recognizable within the community will be added monthly to add content unique to the site. Podcasts and video channels will be explored as an option to keep discourse and discussion at the forefront of our goals. Diva Dirt will continue to grow connections with other combat sports and wrestling websites, in an effort to make the community of women’s wrestling strong.

Finally, when the content has reached our readers’ standards, we will be removing the name Diva Dirt, and changing it to something more representative of the women’s division. Diva Dirt has implications we are no longer comfortable with, primarily with the word “dirt”, invoking thoughts of dirt sheets and tabloids. The new name will represent the company much like we see the women of wrestling: professionals who already have a stake in the business.

As the new Editor-in-Chief, and a woman, I have come across my own battles within the world of sports journalism. I have seven years of experience writing about the NFL, college sports, the MLB, the NBA, boxing, fantasy sports, and wrestling, and in that time, the ugly head of sexism has bared its teeth. As a professional who itches for the journalistic field to grow, I have decided to devote my time to women’s wrestling, and help the revolution in any way possible.

As the Editor-in-Chief, my primary purpose is to hold the final responsibility in quality of content. It is my solemn promise to take that responsibility seriously, and to act as a leader and representative not only to my staff, but to the community, as well.

Diva Dirt thanks all of our readers, whether new to the site or life-long, and appreciates all comments, questions, and concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us via the site’s Contact Us page, or directly to myself: [email protected] and on Twitter @KristenAshly. As a journalist, I have secure interest in transparency.

Diva Dirt is the world’s largest and most successful all-women’s wrestling site on the Internet and will continue to be for many years to come.

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