Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Lilian Garcia Takes Another Tumble at SmackDown Taping

Poor Lilian Garcia can’t seem to catch a break.

The Decade Diva, who suffered an embarrassing incident at a SmackDown taping a few weeks ago when her shoe broke during her entrance, suffered a similar ordeal at tonight’s taping in London, England.

This time, Lilian tripped over lighting equipment at the top of the ramp, falling to her knees — while Michael Cole and company guffawed on commentary. WWE has quickly released footage of the mishap on their website. You can watch it below:

The Diva also recently had a ring announcing faux pas, introducing Zack Ryder as ‘Jack Swagger’, an incident for which she was later mocked by John Cena.

Thoughts: Though it all seems to be in jest and Lilian is a good sport, I can’t help but find all of the recent finger pointing and laughing at Lilian to be cruel. Being a STAR sure is hard work.

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