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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 2” – Mercedes Martinez vs Jazz and More

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 2 airing live on iPPV tonight, headlined by Mercedes Martinez vs Jazz. (Order the event)

Follow live coverage of the show below and via our official Twitter page, @divadirt.

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It looks like we are ready to go! Daffney is in the ring and welcomes us to to “SHINE Dos”. No hat this month!

Kicking off the show will be Kimberly and Su Yung.

Kimberly vs Su Yung
The pair shake hands before locking up. Waist lock by Kimberly, but Yung reverses. Takedown, headscissors by Yung. Back to their feet now. Side headlock by Yung. Kimberly backs her into the ropes but Yung barges her down. Drop toe hold by Yung. Pin attempt but no dice. Both go for a dropkick and are at a stalemate. The action continues, it looks like Kimberly has hit Yung with a closed fist but she insists it’s an open one. Kimberly in control now, side slam and pin attempt. Kimberly with backbreaker. Yung has a Kimberly’s arm in an arm triangle submission but Kimberly manages to break free. Kimberly back in control. An exchange of rollups by both women as they roll around the ring. Enziguiri attempt by Yung but she misses. Kimberly then hits a curb stomp and goes for a clover leaf but Yung rolls her up to take the win.

Winner: Su Yung

Short but sweet opener. Much better than last month’s opening match. Good work from both.

It’s time for an OVW themed three-way between Sojo Bolt, Heidi Lovelace and Taeler Hendrix.

Sojo Bolt vs Taeler Hendrix vs Heidi Lovelace
Match starts with an argument between Sojo and Taeler. Hendrix goes for a quick rollup attempt but Bolt kicks out. Lovelace with a crossbody attempt on both ladies but they catch her, she hits an armdrag on Bolt. Next, she hits a headscissors takedown and snapmare combo on both.

In the ring, Sojo with camel clutch on Lovelace, and Hendrix with a bridge submission on Bolt. Pretty cool stuff! Sojo with a neckbreaker on Hendrix. Lovelace and Sojo go at it, but Hendrix re-appears and hits a Melina like splits takedown on Lovelace. Hendrix and Lovelace exchanging chops now. Headbutt by Hendrix.

Hendrix has Lovelace on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Trish-like Stratusfaction but Lovelace catches her legs and applies a Boston Crab. Sojo then hits Hendrix with a dropkick. Sojo and Lovelace up top now. Sojo going for superplex, Hendrix reappears and goes for a powerbomb. Powerbomb/superplex combo by all three ladies.

Hendrix is the first back on her feet. Headbutts and forearms to Sojo. Lovelace with enziguiri to Hendrix. Pin attempt but no three.

Hendrix with a nice Chick Kick on Lovelace but Sojo then throws her out of the ring. Sojo goes for a fisherman buster and connects. Sojo with the victory.

Winner: Sojo Bolt

Really fun match with great work from all three. Super enjoyable!

It’s time for Sassy Stephie vs Mia Yim now.

Sassy Stephie vs Mia Yim
Mia extends her hand for a shake but Sassy kicks it away. The pair lock up now. Stephie with a wristlock but Yim cartwheels out of it and applies one of her own. Mia now behind Stephie. Stephie counters into side headlock. Mia reverses again with a hammerlock. Stephie again behind Mia and hits a waistlock takedown. Mia with an ankle lock but Stephie kicks Yim away.

Side headlock by Yim. Stephie with shoulder tackle off the ropes. Stephie trash talks Yim, which angers her so she hits her with a big boot to the face. Stephie goes through the ropes as Mia moves out of dodge. On the apron, Stephie brings Yim down hard on the side of the ring.

In the ring, Stephie in control. Cue brief intermission as my stream stops working. And we’re back! Stephie with a chin-lock on Yim. Front facelock into knee smashes and a front-first slam. Stephie now with a bridging submission attempt. Eye rake by Stephie. Horrible screeching noise by Yim. The pair fighting back and forth now. Stephie whips Yim into the corner, but she manages to jump atop the middle turnbuckle and hit a dropkick. Nice Spider-Man like skills.

The pair then exchange forearm shots while on the mat. Yim with hard kicks to Stephie and a nice running knee to the face. Yim goes for a pin but Stephie kicks out. Yim with a nice spinning back-fist and a German suplex into pin attempt but Stephie kicks out.

Crowd chants for Yim as she goes for a front facelock. Stephie goes for her finisher, Yim counters. Stephie gets a two count next before Yim kicks out. Yim kicks Stephie and goes for a corkscrew moonsault from the top for the win.

Winner: Mia Yim.

Great match from what I saw. Mia’s finisher really has to be seen – it’s breathtaking!

Time now for the debut of Jessicka Havok against Reby Sky.

Jessicka Havok vs Reby Sky
Reby Sky uses her fast paced style to take early advantage. Nice headscissors on J-Hav. However, Havok soon takes the advantage with some vicious kicks to Sky.

Snap suplex by Havok followed by a pin attempt but no three. Havok with a blood curdling scream. Havok kicks Reby and talks trash. Reby begins to fight back with kicks but Havok catches her leg and begins stretching the hamstring and slams her down in splits position. Um, ouch! Pin attempt but no three.

Havok has Reby over her knee and laughs menacingly. Full Nelson followed by a backbreaker over the knee and a clothesline.

Reby off the ropes and applies an octopus submission! Nice move! Havok, however, drives Sky into the turnbuckles. Havok tormenting Sky, picks her up in a bear-hug and drives her into the various turnbuckles.

Havok picks Reby Sky up by the throat and attempts to push her over the top rope. Reby hanging in tree of woe position on the other side of the ring. Havok with a bow-and-arrow type submission over the ropes.

Havok has Reby on her shoulders and goes for the finish but Sky hits a move out of desperation and goes for two count, but no three. Reby with a nice axe kick and another pin attempt. Havok runs at Reby in the corner, Reby moves out of the way. Reby with a shoulder tackle and spinning heel kick followed by a bulldog. Reby goes up top but Havok knocks her onto the turnbuckle and climbs up herself. Havok knocked off and Reby goes for a hurricanrana but Havok hits a sitout powerbomb. This should be it — however Reby still manages to kick out of a three count.

Havok now goes for the Emerald Frozen and connects for the victory.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Another great match. Havok really took it out of Reby, but you gotta hand it to her, Sky held her own and took the punishment. Showed that she’s not just a “model”.

After the match, Jessicka throws a chair in the ring and it lands on Reby’s wrist. Havok then hits her across the back with the chair and begins driving the chair into Reby’s arm. Havok puts Reby’s arm through the fold of the chair and stomps on it, and then applies a cross armbreaker with the chair still in place. Brutal but great stuff!

The referees break things up, but Havok again goes after Reby with a cross armbreaker before finally going to the back.

Next is Rain vs Santana.

Rain vs Santana
Nice opening with Santana showing a lot of athleticism with an arm drag and front dropkick. Rain, the veteran, with a double-knee smash to the face and a pin attempt, however. Rain continues to control and ground Santana. Santana with a nice Russian leg sweep on Rain, followed by a pin attempt. Rain takes control again.

Body scissors by Rain. Santana tries to go for a pin. Strikes by Rain. Santana off the ropes with a crossbody. Both ladies down which leads to a double count starting by the referee. The ladies get to their feet and exchange blows. Santana with a nice pin attempt out of the corner but Rain kicks out. Santana with a handspring elbow/something in the corner (elbow didn’t quite connect). Bulldog and pin attempt. Santana goes for monkey flip in the corner but Rain slams her down and uses the ropes for the pin.

Winner: Rain.

This match didn’t quite keep the strong match streak going, unfortunately. Wasn’t into this as much as the rest of the card so far.

Portia Perez has arrived to… vaudevillian music? Portia trash talks the crowd as she makes her way around the ring. We’re waiting to see who Leva Bates has come as this year — it’s Captain Jack Sparrow!

Leva Bates vs Portia Perez
Comedy shtick from Leva before the match, waving her Captain Jack sword. Portia says she’s a world class wrestler, “Who the heck are you?” Leva with a surprise rollup but Portia kicks out.

The match now finally getting underway with a flurry of submissions between the pair. Side headlock by Bates and a shoulder tackle. Portia walks into a… water gun?!

Leva with a drop toe hold and chops to the chest. Leva then shoots the water pistol in Portia’s face again.

Portia is not playing anymore and goes after Leva aggressively. Leva, however, gains the advantage in the corner with 9 punches followed by another water pistol shot. Portia then fights back, spitting in Leva’s face and clubbing her across the back of the head.

Portia still in control, slamming Leva’s head against the mat. Pin attempt by Leva, but Portia kicks out. After some back and forth, Bates manages to plant Portia with a Rock Bottom. Both ladies are down, however. Leva with some shots and kicks to the chest.

Portia in control now. DDT and pin attempt but Bates kicks out.

Bates off the top with a double stomp to the back of Portia.

Leva goes for double knee smash but Portia counters. Portia goes for pin with rope assist but the referee catches her.

Portia misses a superkick. Leva hits a superkick of her own and gets the three count in a huge upset.

Winner: Leva Bates.

After the match, Leva says she and Allison Danger want a match against the Canadian Ninjas for the SHIMMER Tag Titles in October.

Big victory for Leva.

Tag match next as the new team of Made in Sin, Taylor Made and Allysin Kay face Christina Von Eerie and MsChif, aka Mseerie.

Daffney introduces Chif as her favorite wrestler in the whole world. Very impartial is our Daff.

Made in Sin vs Mseerie
Chif and Made in the ring first. Chif lets out one of her patented screams which scares Made into falling on the mat and cowering. Chif screams again which leads to Made clutching to Kay for support. Made tags out to Kay before even wrestling. Kay and MsChif circle each other; Kay slaps Chif. Chif with another scream, this time sending Kay out of the ring.

Made tagged in now. Chif screams again but this time Made covers her ears.

Kay in the ring with Chif now. Kay covers Chif’s mouth with tape. Chif with headbutts. Chif rips off the tape & lets out a patented scream. Von Eerie tagged in and in control of Kay. Kick to the face and pin attempt by Von Eerie. CVE with a splash from the top and pin attempt but Made comes in and breaks the pin. Von Eerie goes for a monkey flip but Kay doesn’t budge. Kay with clothesline on CVE.

Made and Kay exchange tags and control Von Eerie, not allowing her tag out. Von Eerie with a hard kick to the face. Von Eerie with a sunset flip out of the corner but only gets a two count. Made with a sleeper hold. CVE with drop toe hold and rear chinlock. Kay comes in and breaks it up with a kick to the head.

Made in Sin continuing to isolate CVE. Von Eerie manages to hit a backstabber on Made and tries to crawl to her corner to tag in MsChif.

Camera turns to the rampway where April Hunter has appeared to watch the match.

Back in the ring, Von Eerie beginning to clear house.

Issues with stream, missed the end but it appears Made in Sin score the victory with assist from April Hunter.

Winners: Made in Sin

It’s main event time! Video package highlighting the disrespect from Mercedes Martinez towards Jazz at SHINE 1.

Note: Internet totally crapped out before the main event, but a big thank you to Rhi Lockwood (@bubblesrhi) for helping pick up the slack and writing up the main event match…

Jazz vs Mercedes Martinez
Sara Del Rey joins commentary and it doesn’t take long for Jazz & Mercedes to take their fight to the crowd.

Jazz shows her anger at being disrespected when presented with the Diva Dirt Legacy Award, dragging Mercedes by the hair through the crowd. Mercedes breaks the hold and gets a few shots in, not for long though as Jazz responds with hard right hands to the face. The crowd is getting a very unique experience & absolutely loving it.

The girls head back to ringside, Jazz continues to punish Mercedes. Mercedes gets a few opportunities of offense, pushing Jazz into some chairs and seizes the time to grab Jazz by the hair and lead her through the crowd (again) and through to the VIP section. After teasing the crowd with Jazz over her shoulder and to launch her off the side of the ledge, Jazz puts on the breaks and pushes Mercedes off, Mercedes sails through onto the floor.

After this, referee calls the match a no contest, much to Jazz’s fury. She makes her way down to the ring and gets into the ref’s face. He gets a nice shot to the face for his trouble. Mercedes joins Jazz in the ring & the two roll around the ring, exchange some nice punches.

The second referee tries to intervene & separate the two, he is also met with a shot to his face for his trouble.

The entire locker room proceeds to spill out to assist in separating the girls, much to the crowds delight. Voices from the other wrestlers can be heard saying “Calm down,” to Jazz & Mercedes and the locker room have serious trouble keeping the two women separated, until Mercedes is unwillingly dragged out of the ring. Jazz looks on very annoyed that no score was able to be settled on this night. She storms to the back. leaving the remainder of the girls to check on the fallen referees.

SHINE 3 airs September 21st at 8pm.

— Additional reporting by Rhi Lockwood

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