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Lucha Underground Analysis (September 28th, 2016): The hunter and the hunted

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Welcome to this week’s LU review believers. We cut right to the chase this week as Dario Cueto corners Sexy Star in the locker room, telling her she needs to prove she’s truly not afraid of anyone by cashing in the Gift of the Gods Championship against current Lucha Underground Champion Matanza or by continuously defending the title.

He says not to worry, however as she won’t be defending the title tonight. Instead she joins the Super Friends, Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar in an atomicos match against the Worldwide Underground. Dario exits while Johhny Mundo comes rushing in looking for Taya. He introduces himself to her as the next Gift of the Gods Champion.

Our first devious luchadora sighting is up next. Prince Puma takes on Sinestro de la Muerte. During the course of the match Mil Muertes and the queen of macabre Catrina come out to interfere. However, Puma scores the victory while Catrina continues to keep Mil away from Puma. Later on Sinestro pays dearly for his loss.

Catrina takes his soul and gives it to Mil. Wicked. She tells him to now do the same thing to Puma.

Next up is our atimicos match. Can Worldwide Underground hold it together this time? Let’s watch!

Before the match starts Johnny taunts Sexy by throwing something at her as Taya watches on, laughing. It seems like the team is on the same page this week. The match starts off with Taya against Sexy Star. Both go through a series of reversals before Taya knocks Sexy down. Sexy Star gains the upper hand and takes Taya down with a Hurricanrana before both tag out.

Jack Evans shows off aganst Drago before tagging right back out. PJ Black now squares up with Drago. They tango for a bit before Aerostar makes his presence felt. Drago tags right back in and then gets knocked right out by PJ. He tags Johnny in who targets a weakend Aerostar in the ring. They go back and forth for a bit with Aerostar trying to use his high flying offense against a dastardly Johnny. Fenix gets tagged in and then eats Johnny’s big boot.

Fenix takes control of the match with flying reversals and kicks. He tags in Sexy as they work over Johnny. Johnny grabs hold of Sexy and his team overpowers her. They take turns one by one beating her down. They keep her distanced from her team. She makes a comeback and tags Drago in. Each member of the Super Friends takes turns beating down Johnny. The match breaks down as PJ and Taya even the score. Sexy tags in but is taken out by Johnny. Each member of the others team takes someone out until Taya is left with Sexy. Taya slides through the ropes onto the floor.

Sexy squares off with Jack but she gets taken by surprise by Johnny. Jack capitalizes for the win.

Medical staff checks on Taya who cries in pain from a leg injury. Her team takes her to the back.

The show closes out with Black Lotus and her triad as they set out on a mission to take down Pentagon Dark to show him what fear really looks like.

Thoughts: This week everyone’s playing a little game of cat and mouse. Johnny wants to become the LU Champion no matter what the cost so what better way to guarantee a shot than to target Sexy who has the Gift of the Gods Championship? As a fan of Sexy’s this feud makes me nervous for her.

Lucha Underground’s booking is so good that I typically can’t tell who will be victorious every week, this is one of the many reasons I love this show. The reason why this feud makes me nervous is because I want to see Sexy succeed and Johnny, the heel that he is, get his comeuppance. That’s damn good storytelling. I also enjoy the due diligence involved in seeing this story through. LU continues to tell fantastic coherent stories with a beginning, middle, and end game.

I’m curious where Taya and a possible keyfabe injury come into play. Will that also continue to light the fire under Johnny to continue targeting Sexy?

We see more of Catrina’s powers in action. I love it! So simple, yet effective. She’s always intriguing to watch because of her presence. I look forward to Mil and Puma’s eventual match and how she’ll play into it. That feud is far from over.

Black Lotus is out for revenge against Pentagon who broke her arm last season. A match between the two is so tantalizing. I’m a big fan of Pentagon’s work. His power and agility mixed with his character makes him one of the most over rudos in the Temple. I love it because it’s so different from anything else. I’m anxious to see Black Lotus compete. She was amazingly agile last season and I’m sure she won’t disappoint this time around again.

Even though she may not get into the ring for some time, I still love how LU utilizes it’s talent in other ways, like backstage segments and beautifully crafted vignettes to build stories and angles. It’s so satisfying to see people being used for their strengths and getting screen time no matter what.

LU is giving us clear predators while we try to watch the backs of the prey. Only four episodes in and we’re getting strapped in for one hell of a ride.

What did you think of this week’s LU? Sound off in the comments below.

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