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Madison Rayne Talks Her TNA Return, Giving Birth

Madison Rayne has been named TNA’s Knockout of the Month for January, and her accompanying interview helps shed light on her recent return to the company.

The excitement of returning: “I never thought anything would top the excitement I felt when I signed my first TNA contract in 2009. At that moment, a little girl had made her dream come true. But fast forward 4 years, that little girl is a woman now, and after a very long 2013 full of all time high as well as rock bottom low moments, to be back in the ring and say “I did it,” and have the support of the fans and my coworkers is an indescribable feeling! I’m baaaaack!”

Did she plan on returning so quickly after giving birth? “Yes and no. While I sat home watching the show last year I missed everything about the ring (except for Gail,) and I had moments where getting back in the mix was what got me to the gym that day. Other days, after I had my daughter, I wondered how I could ever do anything but stay home with her. It was a long talk with MY mom actually that reminded me that having a baby gives women super powers, and that continuing to follow my dreams actually made me a good mommy because not only do I provide a wonderful life for her, I’m setting an example for her that nothing is impossible.”

On being the first woman to return to wrestling post-baby: “It feels good anytime we (women) can make an impact in this business. I have received so much positive feedback since my re-debut and it means so much to me to have the support from the fans, and that my bosses had the confidence in me to let me get back to what I love. It’s exciting for me. I feel like I have a lot to prove now and I’m 100% ready to show the world that I haven’t skipped a beat.”

Did being in fitness competitions help prepare her for a return? “I think they definitely helped. It was one month after competing at nationals that I found out I was going to be a mommy so I think my body’s muscle memory helped me bounce back a little sooner than even I had anticipated. I tried to take care of myself while I was away, eating right and exercising when I could. After so long, fitness becomes a way of life, not just a hobby, and it clearly helped me get back into ring shape after 10 weeks.”

What does her future hold? “SO MUCH!!! Both personally and professionally, there are so many things I want to accomplish. First and foremost I want to be the kind of mommy that my little girl is always proud of. I want her to see me in the same light I always saw my mom in growing up and know that the sky is the limit because mommy proved it. Professionally I have a lot left to give to this business. I want to be Knockouts Champion again, to prove to myself, and to everyone else that this version of Madison Rayne is stronger, smarter and more resilient than ever. I was doing a lot of military base visits before I left too. I would love to get back to doing that. Those men and women sacrifice so much to give people like me the opportunity to do what I love. There is a lot that I’m looking forward to accomplishing in 2014. I cannot wait to take my fans along on that incredible journey with me!”

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