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Main Event Redux (May 19th, 2017): Dana Brooke’s climb to redemption

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Dana Brooke is working her way to the top of the roster one step at a time; sometimes she succeeds, other times she crumbles. This week, she attempts to overcome the power that is Nia Jax. If she succeeds, she’ll really put herself on the map. And if she fails, she’ll be just another statistic in Jax’s legacy.

The match starts off with Brooke attempting to hit Jax but only landing herself on the ground in return. She does manage to get some offense in though, and it gives her some momentum along the way.

At one point of the match, Dana impresses by getting Jax to hit into the corner, landing herself on the outside. Taking advantage of the situation, Brooke performs a cross-body, getting the crowd on her side a little.

Jax ends up taking control of the match as she gets in the ring however, and it remains like this for a while.

One of my favourite highlights includes Dana’s Back-hand Spring that gets put to an end with a simple push. Reminds me of when Jax first started out on the main roster and would always put an end to the local competitors.

The match comes to an end after Dana attempts to lift Jax and put her in a Samoan Driver. Unfortunately, Nia is too much for Brooke to handle, and she reverses it. We see the match close after Dana is put in a Samoan Drop and pinned.

Thoughts: Right now, Dana isn’t exactly the fan favourite. With her getting almost no reaction during her entrance whilst her heel opponent gets a pop, it’s pretty clear that she has some build to go. But she’s getting there, and this match proves that.

The story of this match is an underdog attempting to prove themselves to a crowd and company of disbelievers. Brooke pretty much knows that she won’t go away with the win, but she needs to prove that she’s better than she was before.

Throughout the match we see Brooke attempt new offense as a way to try to improve herself as a competitor. With the attempted Samoan Driver, the cross-body on the outside, on top of a few other manoeuvres, she definitely comes across as pretty fresh here.

What Dana has right now is really special; she’s got buckets of potential to be RAW’s underdog that truly is an underdog. We’re not talking about the Sami Zayn underdog that we all adore, are appreciative of their talent and know that they’ll have their crowning moment. Brooke is the type of underdog that wants to keep pushing herself despite having more disbelievers than believers. She perfectly embodies this willingness to overcome the odds and prove the masses wrong here, and I’m all for it.

Despite Nia Jax coming off with the win, this was Dana’s match. It may just be a throwaway show, but Brooke is showing signs of improvement, both as a character and a wrestler. Things are looking up for Dana, let’s just hope it doesn’t come to a halt.

What did you think of the match? Will Brooke find her shine? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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