Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Maria Lands Role on New CW Series

WWE Diva and Playboy covergirl, Maria has landed an acting role on (adorable) new CW series, Privileged starring Joanna Garcia and the scrumptious Michael Cassidy…

Oh wait, I’m lying. But Maria does seem to have a teenage doppleganger out there in the form of 19 year old Lucy Hale who does star on Privileged. Upon watching the show’s series premiere last night, I couldn’t help notice the striking resemblence between the two – perhaps the picture above doesn’t do it justice – so I’ve thoughtfully provided some screen captures of Lucy as Rose Baker on the show.

PS: The show is funny, cute… amazing! Check it out every Tuesday night on CW at 9pm. Or download it. You know. Whatever.

So what do we think? Is she the spitting image of our Maria or what?! Vote below!

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