Maria’s Not-So-Serious; Still Fishy


    Don’t worry – Maria‘s not “Jokerized” this time around. Despite all the talk of a possible budding fashion line with Mickie James, Maria manages to present a less-than-fashionable look in her most recent photoshoot, “Ravishing Red”. It kind of looks like a leftover Valentine’s Day shoot, what with the sparkly redness and heart jewelry. Don’t get me wrong – she’s gorgeous, facially. Not many Divas could survive that many close-up shots. However, as always, those duck lips make her look like more of an Angelina Jolie wannabe than anything else. I much prefer her earlier photoshoot, although she’s a bit Ooompah-Loompah in both. If Maria ditched the spray tans and lost her puckering instincts, she could honestly be one of the most photogenic Divas. But that’s neither here nor there..