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Melina on a potential match with Naomi

Multi WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Melina was recently featured in an episode of Ring the Belle to look back at some of her most memorbale moments from her WWE career.

During the career moment countdown, Melina discusses a potential match with Naomi, being a part of the Divas Era and addresses the now infamous ‘Melina vs. Alicia Fox‘ moment on Tough Enough. Highlights of the interview below.

Memory of winning the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal: The sad part is even though it seems like I should be really excited about this, and I really kept it together for this match, but all I did the whole entire day was cry because of Eddie Guerrero’s passing. To be able to keep my cool and to be the character to play this part was really hard for me. It was really awful to think ‘Okay, I have to pretend everything is okay’ even though one of the people that I looked up to so much is now dead. It was one of my dreams, of course, to become a wrestler so that you could have a moment like this. And to be able to have it, it’s like ‘Whoa, it’s happening’ I was in awe of the moment. It means a lot to be able to have us both represent the Latin community and to be able to represent the way he did means so much. Especially for what he meant to me, it means a lot.

Her match with Michelle McCool at Night of Champions 2009: Everyone keeps asking me ‘Did you really get in trouble?’. It’s like yeah, I think we were yelled at for it. We were so proud and what we did was put everything together and we didn’t tell people what we were going to do because we knew that we just wanted to make it something incredible. So I’m really proud of that moment, I really am.

The now infamous ‘Melina vs. Alicia Fox match’ moment of Tough Enough: I got issues with this because I don’t understand how this is funny at all. She [Cameron] had her favorite [match] pick and I’m sorry if people don’t agree with it. He [Steve Austin] asked her what her favorite match was, not what his favorite match was. And he’s going to ridicule her for what her favorite match was? I don’t care what your favorite match is. If something touched your heart that made you love what I love – what I struggled and fought so hard to learn to be able to achieve. If someone got to love what I love and it was in a match like that, more power to her. I’m proud of her. If something made her love it, that’s all that matters. This ‘joke’ is dragging on so much. I think when it first happened, yeah, I got offended. Now it’s kind of just annoying. At the same time, either way, I’m still going to keep walking but it’s just annoying, it’s stupid.

Being in the first Women’s I Quit Match: It was amazing. We were only given the opportunities we were allowed . So to have this opportunity in an Era where people were ridiculing Divas, to me that’s when I knew that I worked hard for this moment. I knew they trusted us . That we were that good to be able to be handed a moment like this and to make history like that. You can’t take that away, that’s such a beautiful feeling. I see the [current] girls and they have all the cage matches and all this stuff. It is exciting but at the same time, I’m proud of what we did. Because if you could tell a story within the ring without needing assisted tools like that, which is great to have those moments, but if you do them all the time then it doesn’t mean anything. The match itself doesn’t mean anything and then you use that instead of actually telling a story. So I would want to be able to do something like that, of course that would be awesome, but at the same time, it is what it is, we didn’t get it

On a potential match with Naomi: I would love to have a match with her, I would love it. She’s such a good person that I know we could make magic together. Because people who are appreciative and want to work with you, there’s nothing like it. When people don’t want to work with you, it makes for a crappy match and the fans feel it. Say me and Mickie [James], we had the most amazing matches together. We had such great chemistry and that’s because we’re friends and we love each other and we loved what we did. The creativity between the both of us was so amazing so I feel like it’s going to be the same way with Trinity. Her eagerness, her wanting to work and her being a great person. As well as being so creative, it would be a beautiful thing if we ever had a match.

Melina also discusses coming up with her signature split entrance, the growth of her character and working with Alicia Fox.

You can watch the full interview and countdown below:

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see Melina in a match against Naomi? What are some of your favorite Melina moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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