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Mickie James Discusses NXT Stand-Outs, WWE’s Stance on Her Return

Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Mickie James has discussed who she thinks are the top female talents in NXT.

The most decorated female wrestler in television history spoke with The Baltimore Sun about her time training NXT Divas at WWE’s Performance Center last November.

Regarding who she feels impressed her the most, Mickie said:

“I thought there were a handful of them with legit, real potential. Obviously, I thought Paige was amazing. I had met Paige before, back in England actually. I really like her. That was the first time I had worked with Emma, and I thought she was really good. Sasha Banks, I really like her a lot. She had a good personality and was really sharp, and had a great look and a great character. Yeah, there are definitely girls with potential there. You never know who’s going to be the next superstar. Some of them are just kind of getting their feet wet, and have a ways to go, but they could be the next superstars.”

Mickie also talked about the current situation between her and WWE. Commenting on if WWE see her more as a potential trainer than main roster Diva, she stated:

“Not necessarily, because we’ve talked about both sides of it. Initially, it was more of a feeling-out process, and they were talking about perhaps doing something in the future. I don’t really know where they stand on that, or if there’s interest in bringing me back to do more.”

In addition to WWE topics, Mickie also talked about the difference between competing in-front of large crowds in WWE and TNA and a smaller number of fans at independent events. She said:

“It is a bit humbling in that aspect. It’s coming full circle in a sense. Obviously, it’s why I don’t wrestle for just anybody, or every weekend. But, to be able to go back to where I started, and see some of those same fans is amazing. Some of these fans saw me when I was a nobody, and can say they knew me when I was Alexis Laree. And that’s really cool, and I’m sure I’ll run into some of those same fans that were there before. And you have to love that aspect of it. And it’s cool to see some of the people that you broke in with, and see where their lives have taken them.”

Mickie also chats about her WrestleMania memories, leaving TNA and her music career. To read the entire interview, click here.

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