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Money in the Bank Predictions: Naomi vs. Lana for the SmackDown Women’s Title

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Naomi defends the SmackDown Women’s Title against Lana. Can Lana capture the gold in singles match debut? The Diva Dirt team weighs in.

Abir: Lana is a passable opponent. There’s no way Naomi overcame 5 other women in 6 minutes at Mania, won the title twice, and had that stellar match with Charlotte a few weeks back just to lose it to someone who has yet to have a televised match. Naomi will win and retain.

Alex: If Asuka is the ‘shock’ for the night, then Naomi should retain the title tonight. Even the shock value isn’t enough to warrant a title win or someone who isn’t ready. What an absolute slap to the face to the other five women busting their asses in amazing matches since the ‘Superstar Shake-Up’ if she won. Booking wise, it might make sense… but would still not be a smart decision, so WWE please remember this is 2017 and not 1997 and save the title for our wrestlers please!

Candace: Naomi retains.

Josue: I think the WWE are taking a risk by throwing Lana right into a title match this soon into her singles competition career. I’m going to give Lana the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, she may surprise us all but truthfully I don’t high expectations for this match. Regardless, I see Naomi retaining either way, staying ready for whoever wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Matthew: Naomi over Lana, because two reasons. One being that Naomi is getting a bigger push than most people on the roster (Unless it’s Jinder Mahal) and second being that Lana doesn’t have that much experience.

Stephanie: This is Lana’s chance to prove herself in the ring. Naomi has been shining and stepping up her game as champion so Lana’s first match is in good hands. I expect Naomi to retain in a fine match.

BREAKDOWN: 0 for Lana, 6 for Naomi.

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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