Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Natalya: “No One Needs to Worry About Me”

Though fans — and even one family member — may be outraged by WWE’s current gimmick for Natalya, the former Divas Champion is keeping it as classy as ever, telling fans that there’s no need to worry about her.

Writing to a fan on Twitter, Natalya wrote: “No one needs to worry about me. Except for the people at Louis Vuitton!”

As reported yesterday, the third-generation Diva’s uncle, Smith Hart, spoke out against the storyline, tweeting that he was “appalled” by it.

Thoughts: If there’s one word we can use to describe Natalya, it’s classy. Natalya always comes across as a positive spirit and it’s good to see that she can brush off what she may be doing on TV, even if fans find it disturbing. I can certainly see, however, where the fans inundating the Diva with tweets are coming from; we all we just want to see Natalya being used to the best of her abilities and this certainly isn’t it.

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