Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Natalya Reveals That She Once Used Beth Phoenix’s Glam Slam as Her Finisher

While WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix has made the Glam Slam a multiple time award winner (for ‘Best Finisher’) in the Diva Dirt Year End Awards, the champion’s BFF Natalya has revealed that she once used the move too!

Writing on her official website, Natalya — aka Nattie Neidhart — reminisces on her time wrestling in Japan and talks about how the Glam Slam (which she titled ‘Nattie by Nature’) was her first finishing move.

Nattie writes:

I’ll never forget my first finishing move. Believe it or not- it wasn’t always the Sharpshooter! It was something I named: Nattie By Nature. It is only fitting that this move is what we all now know as The Glam Slam!

Speaking of her close friendship with Beth and them sharing the same move, she adds:

And that brings me to the Glamazon! In 2005 (Japan) I had never met Beth Phoenix nor did I know of her. Somehow, in other parts of the world, we were sharing the same passion and looking like twins doing it! I’d later come to find out Beth was fanatical about the Hart family and had a special soft spot for Owen, long before his passing. She had been compared to me much of her career and I had been compared to her. Yet we never had met each other.

It’s so great now that we can laugh over all of this – especially sharing the same finishing moves so many years ago. Beth wrestled Sumi too! So we also have that in common :) .

Now that I’m in WWE, experiencing another chapter of my life and running the ropes with my best friend, Miss Phoenix, I’ve realized that Sumi was right. There is an art to wrestling, and it’s a lot like a dance.

Read Natalya’s full blog, which is a great read, here.

— Picture credit: Nattie Neidhart

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