Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Nikki Cross is “Almost a Superhero”; Doudrop gets a pin on Asuka


On this week’s RAW, Nikki Cross continues with her new gimmick she started last week and has coined that she is “Almost a Superhero.” Claiming that her name could end up being Nikki A.S.H as a result, commentary went back and forth between calling her both names throughout her match against Shayna Baszler.

Prior to their match, Baszler was seen backstage by herself with a deck of cards. Nia Jax and Reginald approached her making sure she was focused heading into her match with Cross. After they walked off-screen, Alexa Bliss was seen lurking in the background. Last week, Bliss and Cross qualified for the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match after they defeated Jax and Baszler. Cross pinned Baszler so The Queen of Spades was looking for some revenge against her and further had plans to take care of Bliss.

Bliss came out during the Cross vs. Baszler match and although she interacted with Jax and Reginald, the match continued. Baszler was distracted by the happenings on the outside, however, Cross wasn’t able to get the pin right away. After a clothesline took down Cross, she regained momentum by locking Baszler’s arm and placing her in a cradle for the victory.

Moving on to a rematch from last week, Doudrop and Eva Marie took on Naomi and Asuka. Last week, Naomi and Asuka got the win after the Eva-Lution has already started to have cracks in its mission. After Eva gave the pet name of Doudrop to Piper Niven, the “protege” wasn’t too happy. She stepped off the apron instead of accepting the tag which allowed Naomi to pin Eva. Naomi and Asuka qualified for the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match as a result.

This week, we saw distrust again between the new members of RAW but this time Eva Marie jumped down from the ring apron and refused to tag in to help her partner. This time, however, Doudrop was able to maintain focus and she won the match after hitting a crossbody off the ropes on Asuka. Although this was a tag team match, Eva took the mic from the ring announcer and said that the winner of the match was just herself. This left Doudrop fuming in the ring as the segment ended.

The third and final women’s match of the night was the advertised six-woman tag team match. RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley teamed up with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke to face Charlotte Flair and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Tamina and Natalya.

For the first half of the match, Flair/Tamina/Natalya isolated Brooke in their corner keeping her away from her team. Once she was finally able to tag out the match broke down with each woman being highlighted and Brooke/Rose showing some solid tag teamwork. In the end, the two legal women would be Rose and Flair.

Flair delivered the big boot to get the win for her team. She wasn’t able to celebrate for long as Ripley re-entered the ring and chop blocked the left knee of Flair. Flair tried to go right after her but she had already rolled out of the ring. She taunted her on the outside to end the segment.

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