Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Number One Contender crowned for NXT UK Women’s Championship after replacement in Gauntlet Match

There was a lot at stake on tonight’s NXT UK. The women on the roster went head-to-head to crown a number one contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Who would be the next woman to try and dethrone Kay Lee Ray‘s over 600-day reign. A few weeks ago, five women were named as those taking part in the gauntlet match.

The women set to take part were Isla Dawn, Jinny, Emilia McKenzie, Dani Luna, and Xia Brookside. However, plans were shaken up when Brookside was viciously attacked by Amale last week. Prior to the gauntlet match on this week’s show, Amale demanded that NXT UK Assistant Manager Sid Scala put her in the bout – but he flat out refused.

NXT UK’s resident witch Isla Dawn kicked off the match with Emilia McKenzie. The pair put on a fantastic showing, both of them with piles of momentum behind them. In the end it was Isla Dawn who scored the first fall, and eliminated McKenzie.

The second entrant was Dani Luna, representing the new NXT UK faction Subculture. Despite Dani giving Isla Dawn a challenge, she was eliminated after a few minutes with a shock roll-up. Isla Dawn celebrated her win, but her happiness didn’t last long, as Meiko Satomura entered as the surprise replacement.

Satomura and Dawn have faced off previously on NXT UK, where Satomura picked up the victory. Dawn charged at Satomura before she had even entered the ring. In the ring, Dawn appeared frenzied, in comparison to a calm and collected Satomura.

In the end, it was Satomura who overcame Dawn with a shin kick, which she followed up with a pin to eliminate her.

The final entrant of the match was NXT UK’s resident fashionista Jinny. Jinny was accompanied to the ring by Joseph Conners. The Fashionista came into the final round of the match in a tactical way, slowly and methodically holding her rival down with a series of lockups.

However, Satomura managed to eventually overpower Jinny. She set up to devastate her rival with a Scorpio Rising but was distracted by Joseph Conners on the apron – to who she delivered a swift knee strike to the gut as he was sent packing. With Conners out of the picture, The Final Boss tried it once more and landed her powerful finisher on Jinny to pick up the win and become the next NXT UK Women’s Championship challenger.

As the show went off the air, Kay Lee Ray arrived to seemingly congratulate Meiko Satomura. In true Kay Lee Ray style, this was a ruse, as the champion floored her new challenger with a sharp superkick and then stood over her holding onto the NXT UK Women’s title.

Do you think that Meiko Satomura will be the one to dethrone Kay Lee Ray? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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