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NXT Lay-Kav-Ool Watch (August 24th, 2010): Are You Smarter Than Kaval?

A lot of us, myself included, were skeptical that the WWE could follow up their best NXT episode of the season with something amazing this week. And low and behold, those of us who were skeptical were right. NXT was nothing more than a lackluster show tonight and unfortunately, that meant all of us got the shaft when it came to Laykavool awesomeness. Maybe the WWE is simply saving all their cards for a jam packed season finale next week?

NXT kicked off with Jamie Keyes introducing the WWE pros. Laycool come out in their Flawless hoodies, with Michelle McCool in skintight jeans and Layla in small little shorts. MVP, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Zach Ryder are there in attendance as well. The remaining pros are still on tour seeing as how this episode was taped last week. The rookies come out next and it’s insane to me that it’s down to the final three. Kaval, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty walk out and join Matt Striker in the ring. He introduces them as the final three and asks them how it feels to be in the finals of NXT. McGillicutty goes first.

Michael begins his speech by acknowledging the WWE Universe. He says he has the greatest job in the world and how these have been the greatest days of his life. He gives a shout out to Kofi, for helping him along the way, and Michael says that performing in the same ring as his father has made his entire journey worth it.

Alex takes the microphone second and gets a ridiculous amount of heat. He says that he expected to be here and then decided to examine the reasons why NXT is around. He says that it is designed to find the the next breakout star and that breakout star is going to be him. Alex says that he is the total package and he doesn’t care what the people think. He says he has the looks, the speaking ability, and the skills. To finish things off, Alex calls out Sheamus and says that once he wins he will have a shot at what ever championship he wants. He tells Sheamus that he better hope he doesn’t get there before Money in the Bank winner, The Miz, does because it that happens, then Sheamus is going to be dismissed!

Our precious Kaval goes last. Laycool mark on stage for him and Kaval praises the WWE Universe for the support they’ve shown him this season. Kaval talks about how he was ready to celebrate last week but the moment was ruined by the oh so “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Kaval completely goes off on a tangent about how Cody has no business acting like he is some big deal when the only thing he’s ever accomplished is getting into the company because of his father. Cody fires back with the fact Kaval is very unoriginal and not on his level, so Kaval issues a challenge for tonight that Cody doesn’t accept. Cody continues on by insulting Laycool and finally MVP stands up. He says that he can’t really take Cody’s attitude anymore and challenges him for a match tonight. Cody accepts and storms off.

NXT goes to commercial.

When the show returns, the rookie challenge is set up and this week, it’s a quiz! To sum this thing up, Alex is basically a big, dumb jock which makes him brilliant. He went the entire competition without getting anything right until the very end when he scored his first and only 200 points. The real battle was between Michael and Kaval, and after the two went back and forth for awhile, Kaval squeaked ahead and won 700 to 500. Kaval won the right to be featured on WWE dot com tomorrow when voting opens, and Laycool celebrated with their man. They were so happy! So cute. NXT took another commercial break.

Josh Mathews and Michael Cole were speaking this time when NXT returned. They introduced the Raw Rebound, and we got to see what happened last night when Sheamus attempted to find his number one contender. Once that concluded, we were told that Cody versus MVP was next, and of course… cue the commercial!

Cody was the first pro to walk to the ring. His music remains stupidly addicting. MVP followed and finally the first and only match of the evening got underway. The two Smackdown superstars locked up with a really ripped Cody taking control. It lasted all of three seconds because MVP slapped Cody and sent him right out of the ring. Cody shook it off and got back in the ring, and the two locked up for the second time. MVP forced Cody into the corner and surprisingly, they had a clean break. MVP got a side headlock on Cody, the “Dashing” one tried to fight out of it. He finally succeeded and grounded MVP, but MVP got back up and started bossing Cody around. He sent Cody down with a huge, massive back body drop and went for the cover.

Two count.

MVP controlled the tempo after the near fall and got Cody down for another cover. It didn’t last, so MVP began working over Cody’s arm. Cody tried to kick MVP off, but it didn’t work, and Cody ended up clotheslined out of the ring. The referee started the count and instead of waiting, MVP launched himself over the top rope and down on to Cody! To follow that, he slammed Cody into the steel ring post, then slammed the smaller man’s head into the apron. NXT cut to commercial.

We return to the sight of Cody Rhodes on offense. That sight didn’t last long because MVP regained control. They switched again a few seconds later and Cody sent MVP down with a sick gut busting slam to the canvas. Cody rammed his knee into MVP’s face and went for the cover. At this point, the crowd began to annoy Cody and chant for his opponent, and that caused the young superstar to try and amp up his game. He got sloppy and MVP reversed the momentum, and tried for a cover. Cody was out of it fairly quickly and got out of the ring again. The ref started the count and an impatient MVP went for Cody. Cody grabbed MVP by the feet and pulled him out, then whipped him into the barricades. Cody sent MVP back into the ring and went for a cover. MVP got out of it, and Cody locked his foe in a sleeper. MVP didn’t fade quickly enough, so Cody got to his feet and began to slow the tempo. He worked over MVP for a little while, and taunted him too. He failed at another cover attempt, so he forced MVP into another headlock. MVP fought to his feet and rammed Cody into the corner. He backed off and went forward, but Cody caught him with a boot and went for a cover. MVP grabbed the rope to break it up, so Cody drug him to the center and tried again. Another kick out.

MVP reversed a whip attempt and sent Cody into the corner. It didn’t amount to anything and Cody got in position to attempt yet another pinfall. MVP was far to close to the ropes, so the ref didn’t let it happen. NXT faded to yet another commercial, and probably the last one of the night, with Cody holding MVP in a modified crossface.

The show returns and MVP is nailed with a drop kick. This match has gone on forever and MVP barely kicks out of two successive pinning attempts by Cody. Cody continues his submission work on MVP, trying to wear him down and take everything out of him that he can. The crowd urges MVP to his feet and he ends up with Cody on his shoulders. They both fall to the mat with MVP’s shoulders down, so the ref begins to count. MVP is able to get the shoulder up. The highlight of the match for me came a few seconds later when both men went to the top rope and pulled off a beautiful superplex. Cody crawled on MVP and went for the cover. MVP kicked out. Cody set MVP up for a painful, surfboard like submission and still, MVP battled out of that. The never ending match continued.

MVP found his seventeenth wind and finally pulled off his signature “Ballin'”. He tried for his finisher, but Cody reversed it into an Alabama Slam (<3). Unfortunately for Cody, he took an eternity to go for the cover and MVP was able to kick out. So after that, Cody finally hit the Cross Rhodes. Match over. MVP is pinned and Cody’s theme begins to play. The show concludes.

Well now that was eventful. I feel ripped off. Not nearly enough Laykavool or Alex Riley. I reckon wrestling purists will be happy with this show, because the epic match between MVP and Rhodes was quite good. Unfortunately, I’m not a wrestling purist, I’m a diva purist and I hated this NXT. They failed to follow up on the brilliance of last week and I can only hope they don’t screw up the finale. Voting opens up tomorrow, so I want to encourage everyone to go and vote for Kaval.

Why should you vote for Kaval?

Well, his pairing with Laycool basically made the entire season. Over the course of twelve weeks, we’ve watched the most entertaining superstar/diva pairing evolve into something that we can only hope continues once this season of NXT has come to a close. Michelle, Layla, and Kaval have brought entertainment, comedy, and pure wrestling gold to the table week after week. The only pair that even attempts to rival this trio would be The Miz/Riley combination.

Kaval’s match with The Miz was one of the best of the season. Laycool presenting their rookie with a pink shirt was perfection. And lets not forget the trilogy of matches featuring Kaval and Husky Harris. Amazing. I really hope Kaval wins this season of NXT, not just for him, but for Laycool as well. The divas get the shaft way to much in the WWE and it would do the division good to have the female pros emerge victorious. I’ll be voting for Kaval tomorrow. I hope all of you do as well. Until next week, Cryssi… out!

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