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NXT Spoilers: May 2nd, 2012

Spoilers for tomorrow’s edition of NXT:

* The show started with Matt Striker and William Regal in the ring. Striker welcomed back Josh Matthews to the announce desk and welcomed Regal back from “talent scouting.” Regal promised new debuting talent in ensuing weeks.

Johnny Curtis and Maxine interrupted, which later brought out JTG. Regal said that they were the cause of lots of trouble for Hornswoggle last week. A challenge was made to any team in the back, which was accepted by Tyson Kidd. Kidd introduced Alex Riley as his partner.

* Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley defeated Johnny Curtis and JTG. Maxine was on commentary for the match. JTG tapped to Kidd’s new submission finisher.

* Backstage, JTG complained to Alicia Fox that it’s like he’s been “stuck under a dark cloud” the last few weeks. Alicia said he looked like he was stuck in 1990’s Brooklyn and offered to give him a makeover: new gear, new look, new “you.” Fox promised to make him a champion. JTG said, “Hmm, let me think about that…..NO!” but subsequently agreed. He added, “One week? Okay.”

* Derrick Bateman talked to Kaitlyn about how excited he was to finally have a match on Smackdown. The duo found Alex Riley backstage after being attacked, with Riley maintaining that McGillicutty was his attacker. They vowed to take Riley to the hospital. (Source)


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