NXT TakeOver Rewind: Asuka vs. Emma

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Ahead of tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, we’re taking look back at some memorable moments from the NXT TakeOver series.

Tonight, we’re taking a look back at the special international NXT TakeOver: London, where Asuka faced off against Emma.

The opening match was lightning quick, with Emma proving herself capable of keeping up with Asuka’s style. However, she clearly didn’t rest all of her hopes on defeating Asuka cleanly, as her ally Dana Brooke made her presence felt often.

Dana distracted Asuka whenever she could and eventually handed Emma a foreign object that, ironically, almost got Asuka DQed from the match. She even saved Emma from a tap out loss, distracting the referee as she tapped to the Asuka Lock.

Nevertheless, Asuka managed to win the match, using Dana’s distraction to her advantage when she caught Emma with a spinning heel kick to the head. Emma was laid out, Asuka covering her for the pin and the win.

Watch the match below:

What are your memories of this match?