NXT TakeOver: San Jose scheduled abnormally

NXT TakeOver
Credit: WWE

NXT TakeOver events normally have a strategic place for when they occur. The shows are traditionally the night before WWE PPVs. The formula for these events tends to revolve around the big four WWE pay-per-views and an additional one prior to a summer event.

TakeOver events are crucial to the NXT product to showcase their talent live. NXT has less than half the number of shows compared to WWE’s pay-per-view annual schedule. The number runs from about five a year.

Per WrestleVotes’s Twitter page, NXT TakeOver: San Jose will take place on June 8. As reported by Heel By Nature, WWE’s pay-per-view for the month of June is scheduled to be Backlash. The date for Backlash is June 16, which is the following weekend from TakeOver: San Jose. Backlash is scheduled to take place in the same city.

The reason for the TakeOver to be on a separate weekend as Backlash is unknown at this time. It could very well be a schedule conflict on the booking of the venue, or perhaps this has something to do with creative? No official word has been mentioned from WWE at this time.

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