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NXT Watch (April 18th, 2012): Maxine Topples Kaitlyn and Learns That When Love is Lost, Resort to Handcuffs!

Why hello there, everybody, and welcome to another captivating, brilliant edition of your NXT Watch. Before we get started, I would be remiss to not wish a very happy birthday to the Queen that has helped make NXT “must see (Internet) TV”, the beautiful, the talented, Miss Maxine Karlee Liviana Candy-Girl Bateman Curtis Perez! Have a smashing day filled with cake, balloons, and hey, maybe Dirty Curty will even sing at your birthday party?!

Now onto tonight’s show, it’s a pretty great one for the Divas as we see Maxine take on Kaitlyn. I know you are probably thinking, “We’ve seen this match a lot already” and yes, that’s true, but the difference is that this week’s match actually feels longer than two minutes and thus I am already ecstatic to recap it. Other than that, we get a shocking action by sir William Regal involving Maxine and Dirty Curty, as well as a backstage segment featuring the two Divas as well.

But first, check out Maxine as she sits on commentary during Dirty Curty’s match against Percy Watson:

What fine commentary work that mirrors the likes of Jim Ross and Lord Alfred Hayes! Although I’m sure Maxine looks better in her ring gear than either of those gentlemen could pull off.

We spot a very British looking graphic to promote Kaitlyn and Maxine’s match up next, as I jam to what is formerly known as AJ’s rocking theme song. After what I believe is Angelica Pickles finishes singing that fine tune, we head to the ring with Maxine already there and raring to go. The joyous Dirty Curty is also joining us on commentary for this match! Suddenly, the upbeat perky new theme of dear Kaitlyn hits, and out walk both herself and Derrick Bateman! Following a consensual double handed high five, the bell sounds and we kick things off with the two ladies.

They go for a lock up, but Kaitlyn simply takes Maxine down for a near fall. A nice jackknife cover gets a close call, before Maxine takes the advantage briefly. Kaitlyn with a backbreaker, before following it up with her patented leg scissors submission into a roll up. Maxine tries to fight out, eventually bridging back into a pin attempt before hopping off the ropes and booting Kaitlyn in the face. From there, Maxine applies a head twist submission, proceeding to sharply chop Kaitlyn in the chest as well. Youch!~

Kaitlyn attempts to get out of Maxine’s clutches, but the Queen slams her down by the head and applies a chin lock. The crowd gets behind Kaitlyn and she finally fights out with some punches. Kaitlyn sends Maxine off the ropes and delivers a quick crossbody to gain yet another two count, as Dirty Curty mirrors a reaction similar to my own when he proclaims how he loves this show! Kaitlyn slams Maxine’s head into the turnbuckle, before Maxine eventually drop toe holds her skull into the padding. From there, Maxine hops onto Kaitlyn’s back with her trademarked dragon sleeper body scissors submission! Kaitlyn tries to fight… but ultimately taps out and gives the victory to the birthday girl!

Maxine celebrates her win as Derrick slides in to check on Kaitlyn. Dirty Curty proceeds to shake William Regal’s hand, but Regal refuses to let go and simply takes the microphone. He orders Maxine to come over to the announce table, stating that he needs to address the situation of them kidnapping Matt Striker. He continues on about them blaming each other for the situation, announcing that if they wish to stay employed to the WWE, Maxine must officially become the manager of Dirty Curty!

Regal pulls out a contract and tells them to sign it, handing the pen to Dirty Curty first off. He wants to know what would happen if he doesn’t sign it, to which Regal says he’d be fired!~ Maxine walks over and begrudgingly signs the contract after a “Sign it” chant from the crowd. She decides to do as told and sign on the dotted line, before Regal decides to handcuff them together! Maxine freaks out while the two make their way to the back despite being quite unhappy with what has taken place.

Backstage, we spot Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks freaking out over the situation they’ve been placed in, in which one of them will be fired following a match against the other, when out of nowhere comes Dirty Curty and Maxine arguing! They try to blame Hawkins and Reks for their own situation, when Percy Watson comes in and makes fun of them. Maxine looks on in anger, with Derrick claiming this will last till death do them part! Kaitlyn then follows suit and asks Maxine if she’s used to handcuffs by now! The Queen of NXT tries to hit Kaitlyn, but misses and nearly falls over… Oh my. Maxine and Johnny try to pull each other in opposite directions, before the duo ultimately head off still handcuffed to one another. Brilliance!

Thoughts: Another amazing night of NXT. I feel like I just repeat myself every time I speak about it in the thoughts portion of these recaps, but I can’t help that I love it so much. Maxine and Kaitlyn put on a fun match, and I think it was my second favorite of all the times they’ve collided. I still overly love the time they faced off with AJ at ringside more than life itself, but this is definitely a close second. I’m also so glad to see Maxine get the win as she seems to hardly ever get the chance to when she wrestles. Oh, and thank GOD It was not a roll up. Finishers need to be seen!

The handcuff segment was hilarious and I’m dying to see where it goes from here. Regal made note that the key was lost somewhere, which I’m hoping translates to getting to see them cuffed together for weeks. I think it’d be pretty brilliant if they had to compete in matches while handcuffed together and everything. I love how different NXT is compared to the usual wrestling show as I never know what is going to happen next. While I desperately want to see Maxine in the actual division, I hope and pray if she is ever drafted to SmackDown or Superstars (you know, the two shows where the Raw and SmackDown Divas compete on), she still gets to show this great character off.

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