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NXT Watch (April 4th, 2012): Kaitlyn & Natalya Shine in a Night Full of Divas

Greetings everybody, and welcome to another enlightening NXT Watch, featuring the Superstars and Divas of the true “A” Show in WWE. Last week, I was in Miami and unfortunately not able to join you, but never fear as I am back and better than ever. This week, Kaitlyn and Natalya square off in a match that I’ve been waiting a year to see happen, and since this is the true flagship show, we also are treated to various backstage segments involving those two ladies, Maxine, Tamina Snuka, and Alicia Fox as well! Without any further ado, let’s kick things off!

First up we head backstage to see Natalya chatting it up with this snappy new seamstress named Sandra who I already love. Suddenly, up walks Michael McGillicutty to introduce himself to our Third Generation Diva. He lets her knew that if he wins tonight against Derrick Bateman, he will get a rematch next week against Tyson! McGillicutty seems unsure of things with all the pressure one has to live up to their ancestor’s expectations being a generational superstar, but she quickly cuts him off and says that she wants nothing to do with this and quickly walks off. (Note: The end of this segment seemed very rushed and since the spoiler report told us what happened next, I’m guessing maybe it was too un-PG and ended up getting cut from the broadcast.)

Skip to 1:37

Out to the ring we go where Natalya stands ready for action and Tyson Kidd sits on commentary! Suddenly, this odd music hits and… oh hell no, they got rid of “Let’s Go Hit the Dance Floor!” My dreams are suddenly crushed as this weird music plays that honestly, doesn’t really fit Kaitlyn at all. Hopefully it will grow, though. Kaitlyn, looking amazing, skips out to the ring and the bell sounds and we kick things off. The two ladies slap hands in a show of respect, before locking up and Nattie taking Kaitlyn down with a side headlock.

Kaitlyn tries to fight out and sends Natalya off the ropes, but the veteran comes back with a beautiful bridge pin. She compliments Kaitlyn and they circle around the ring once more, with Kaitlyn taking the advantage this time. Natalya reverses it into a roll up for a two, before transitioning into a leg scissors that Kaitlyn hops out of instantly. Another lock up, as Kaitlyn scores with a roll up and capitalizes with a wrist lock. Nattie flips out and reverses it as Kaitlyn screams in pain. A fireman’s carry follows up, with Natalya continuing to take the advantage away from the former NXT winner.

Kaitlyn finally fights out with a few punches to the face, but Natalya smacks Kaitlyn so hard she starts to bleed, before shoving her down and applying an abdominal stretch! Tyson continues to watch on as the crowd cheers Kaitlyn on, but Natalya hoists her up for a powerslam attempt! Kaitlyn escapes out the back and charges off the ropes with a nice crossody for a two count as Nattie kicks out. Kaitlyn then flips over into a jackknife, but Natalya bridges up and then locks in the Sharpshooter! The crowd goes crazy, as Kaitlyn taps almost instantly! Natalya celebrates her win, as Tyson slides into the ring to celebrate with his friend? partner? girlfriend? acquisition?

Backstage we see Darren Young and Titus O’Neil discussing D-Young’s recent infatuation with Tamina. Young mentions how he got her a coconut tree last week, but Titus downplays it as if that isn’t enough. Suddenly, Tamina and Alicia Fox (who looks incredible) come walking in to the picture and Titus shoves Darren right into the Samoan Goddess! He tries to explain her being busy this week, to which she agrees and lists off the events they did. Darren states that he was referring to when she ran through his mind all day long… oh my. Someone needs to stop watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for pick up info. Tamina and Alicia laugh it off and walk away, as Young explains that he got reservations at McDonalds. What a player! Titus suddenly comes back and laughs at him, before heading off and leaving Darren to hopefully plan better ways to pick Tamina up.

AGAIN, we go backstage and see Kaitlyn chatting it up with Sweet Meat and Percy Watson. She questions if they still think she’s awesome despite losing to Natalya. Derrick proclaims that they are on NXT and they put smiles on people’s faces… when suddenly in walks our Queen Maxine! She is shown screaming at someone on her phone, before turning around to see the three sitting near her. She berates them instantly, as Derrick asks Percy and Kaitlyn to give them a minute together. BATEMAX REUNION?!

The two head off, as Derrick tells her that she is becoming insane with all of this stress eating! He announces that she looks like an eclair, as she throws the donut to the side and Dirty Curty walks in almost stuttering. She pulls him aside and he frantically explains that he got a call stating for them to head to the basement NOW. Dirty Curty drags Maxine off, as Derrick proclaims that things are getting “weeeeiirddd”. Johnny screams that that’s his line, but Bateman refutes that Maxine was his fiancee as well! Tyson Kidd then walks in and tells Derrick to tear Michael McGillicutty apart, with a failed handshake soon following as this segment comes to a close.

We then head backstage once again, to see Dirty Curty and Maxine questioning if they are in the right place. He explains to her that this is the correct boiler room as stated in their ransom note, before realizing that it’s the same boiler room he once took a fan down to where things got really weeeeirrrdd! (I love these two together so much.) Out of nowhere, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks attack Johnny from behind! Reks applies a choke hold to Dirty Curty, as Hawkins explains to her that they are the kidnappers! Dun… dun… DUN!

He informs Maxine that unless she gets William Regal off their back, they will make it look as if Maxine and Dirty Curty are the ones who stole Matt Striker’s corpse. Reks tells her that she has to do their dirty work by next week or they are finished, to which she begrudgingly agrees and Dirty Curty is set free to breathe again. Tyler blows her a kiss as they walk off, and Dirty Curty vows revenge upon them!

Also, check out Tamina managing The Usos (reunited and it feels so good!) against Darren Young and Titus O’Neil:

Thoughts: It feels so wonderful to be back watching NXT where I belong. I’ll start off with the match, which I thought was pretty amazing for what they were given. I would’ve legit killed to see another two or three minutes added on because I feel like they could’ve really pulled out something unbelievable with the way it was going, but I’ll definitely take what we were shown tonight. I’ve wanted to see Kaitlyn and Natalya face off for a long time, and they absolutely did not disappoint. I know they are both faces, but I’m begging you NXT gods, just give me one more match and give them about six minutes of ring time!

The backstage segments were hilarious as usual. I love Maxine and Johnny together, and I think with these Matt Striker segments, they’ve actually topped my admiration for BateMax! Johnny’s creeper character is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to him and he plays it so well. As much as I wish these two were on Raw or SmackDown, I’m not sure they would get the same attention they do here and that would not set well with me. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this tremendous saga!

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