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NXT Watch (December 15th, 2011): Trouble in Paradise for Maxine, but Clear Skies Ahead for Tamina

Ladies and gentlemen, before I begin this week’s NXT Watch, let me just put forth my absolute admiration for this show, and everyone involved in making it as great as it is each week. NXT is truly the best wrestling show out there, and I wish it didn’t have the preconceived notions given to it from the past few seasons of it being a joke, because it gives not only Divas, but tag teams and mid-card stars a place to shine. They get time, they get storylines — what more could you ask for? But now that that’s out of the way, this week we had some more progression in both Tamina and JTG’s relationship, as well as “Maxine‘s Choice” involving not only herself, but Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis as well.

Since I’m having a hard time containing my satisfaction with the show, let’s just jump right into things.

Before we kick things off with the actions of tonight’s show, let’s all relive the glory that has been “Maxine’s Choice” with a tremendously well put together video package by the WWE crew. If this is your first time watching NXT, in the odd sense that it is, this will catch you up completely before heading into tonight’s brilliance.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s head to the ring where Percy Watson hosts his talk show which features tonight’s guest, Derrick Bateman. Derrick picks up a microphone and introduces himself to Percy with some fly handshake. Percy then asks if it’s true that Derrick has something going on with Maxine’s momma from last week, to which Bateman insists that all women are insane to a mixed reaction to the crowd. Derrick then blames Maxine’s mother being touchy and flirty, reiterating that if anyone says something happened between the two of them last week, they are flat out lying!

Suddenly, the theme music of everyone’s most hated villain of the year, Dirty Curty, hits, as he struts on out to the ring and makes fun of Derrick’s story. He then displays a heart shaped cutout photo on the tron from last week, which shows Derrick with his lips on Mrs. Portia Perez‘s finger! Dirty Curty has the nerve to dub Bateman as “Dirty Derrick” which prompts Derrick to shake his curly hair in disbelief. Curtis says that Derrick was irked because he thought he (Curtis) left with his girl last week, but that if he would’ve actually talked to Maxine instead of taking off with her mother, things may have been different.

Derrick claims that ever since Dirty Curty has weaseled his way back onto the show, all he’s been doing is stirring the pot between BateMax, but Dirty Curty believes it’s just paranoia! He says that just because JTG said… but then he is cut off by Percy Watson who claims that it’s funny he mentioned it, because the next guest of the night is Tamina’s man himself! JTG steps out from the back and wonders what Watson wants, to which NXT’s own Jerry Springer wants to know why he told Derrick Maxine left with Dirty Curty when she really didn’t… RIDDLE ME THAT!

JTG finally lets the cat out of the bag, and says that Johnny Curtis paid him money! Dirty Curty demands that is not true, but JTG simply walks off as the crowd is left in complete shock! The two men begin to get into it, until the familiar club hit that is Maxine’s theme plays across the sound system, and the lady of the night makes her way out. She tells them all to SHUT UP, before cutting Percy off and asking if she stuttered. Maxine then offers to talk slower for them, before once again demanding them to SHUT… UP. She proceeds to follow up by saying how tired she is of coming out here every week trying to figure out why she’s still on NXT after all this time.

Maxine runs down a list of NXT related items that she’s sick of, including both Derrick and Johnny, as well as Titus O’Neil’s bark! She says that she spent most of her life being told to tone it down a notch, and that she’s too outspoken and strong for people to handle…but she says that that’s not her problem in the long run. Maxine ends her rant by telling all the men in the ring to shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine, as she walks off in anger. Derrick Bateman then becomes mesmerized with her, and follows her to the back after claiming she’s so crazy he can’t be apart any longer.

Dirty Curty tries to tell Derrick that it’s over, but Bateman clocks him right in the dirty jaw. Percy Watson then begins to taunt Dirty Curty in the center of the ring, before the two of them get into a brawl the ends with Johnny outside the ring. Matt Striker then takes to the microphone and explains that tonight’s main event will feature Percy Watson and Dirty Curty squaring off one on one! Percy fixes his tipped over chair, as Dirty Curt proceeds to make his way to the back and prepare for tonight’s shenanigans.

Following that segment, we head backstage where Derrick Bateman is charging through the hallways to find Maxine. After he accomplishes this, he claims that he understands love is a battlefield, and that he will go to war for her. Bateman ends it by saying that by the end of the show, he will marry her, before walking off and plotting his next idea. As Maxine screams to him, Dirty Curty crawls up behind her like a creepy stalker breathing down heavily, and tells her to relax. He claims that the mind games will stop now, and grabs her by the head for a big kiss. She goes to slap him, but he grabs her by the arm and states that they’ll get physical after he wins his match. Dirty Curty then kisses her hand and walks off, as Maxine is left throwing a tantrum in the hallway!

Also, check out Tamina as she manages JTG in a battle against Jey Uso. Something progressive happens in their booming relationship after the match is over as well.

Thoughts: What can I add that I didn’t already say in the opening bit? NXT is a gift from wrestling gods above for me, and I love watching it every week. Superstars used to be my favorite show, but it was missing storylines. There’s only so much you can enjoy about matches that just happen for no reason, so NXT took that and made it work into an even better show. Maxine is great on the microphone; I think that’s pretty much a fact now, but her promo tonight was insanely awesome. She just told everybody off, and I can’t wait for the day where she hopefully becomes active in the division because she’s got everything it takes to succeed in my opinion.

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