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NXT Watch (December 21st, 2011): Divas Fight for Pride, While Superstars Fight for Divas

Oh, NXT. I try my hardest to get everyone behind you, I honestly do. I constantly plug the show wherever I’m at on social networking sites, and I praise it to no end here… but unfortunately, tonight’s episode proved that my valiant efforts are not reaching a global audience. I’ll get more into that later on though. Tonight, we saw the return of the coveted Divas match to the yellow brand, as Kaitlyn (still freshly babyface as can be) took on Maxine in singles action. On the flip side, we also had some segments to contribute to this week’s edition of “Maxine’s Choice”, as well as some Tamina main event managing to greet us into the holiday week.

Now before everyone falls into a drunken stupor off their egg nog, let’s get this holiday edition recap of NXT underway!

A match graphic is shown promoting the upcoming bout between Maxine and Kaitlyn, one which I deeply applaud as they are two of my favorite females in wrestling. After a brief commercial break, we become instructed to hit the dance floor, as the perky — and more importantly — still babyface Kaitlyn makes her way out to the ring. Up next, the arena turns bright green and out walks Maxine in a sick black new version of her blue gear. As Eden Stiles makes her final Divas entrance announcement ever, I sit both wondering and greatly admiring how much Maxine crosses the PG line. (The joys of being on the Internet I suppose.)

Once Maxine steps into the ring, the bell rings and the two lock up. Kaitlyn quickly uses her muscular advantage to shove her opponent backwards, following it up with a nice arm drag and a kick to the stomach. A hardbody slam (which I dub all of Kaitlyn’s bodyslams now) connects, soon followed by a leg drop for a two count. Maxine then takes control with a punch to the mouth, as she hops on Kaitlyn’s back and locks in a choke. Kaitlyn once again uses her upper body strength to spin Maxine around and hit an awesome backbreaker for another near fall.

Maxine scurries to the corner, and as Kaitlyn walks over towards her, she takes the advantage and shoves her opponent right into the turnbuckle a few times. Maxine then pushes Kaitlyn’s upper body outside the ring and proceeds to pull forward on her hair, thus amounting in Kaitlyn to be choked throat first on the bottom rope until the referee gets close to a five count. Maxine drags Kaitlyn back into the ring and gets a two count, which angers our NXT queen as she locks in a choke hold. Kaitlyn tries her hardest to fight out, but Maxine absolutely DRILLS her with some brutal strikes to the chest.

Kaitlyn finally begins to fight out of the hold as she shoves Maxine back into the ropes. Maxine charges forward and applies a beautiful front side dragon sleeper until Kaitlyn fights out and shoves her into the corner. Maxine then charges forward and meets a nice spinning elbow to the chest, followed up with a great dropkick as well. Kaitlyn goes to Irish whip Maxine, but she counters and knees Kaitlyn in the midsection, before tossing her back by the hair. Suddenly, out comes Derrick Bateman who begins calling his ex fiancée’s name, which distracts her long enough for Kaitlyn to score a shock roll up victory out of nowhere!

Kaitlyn walks up the ramp, as Maxine begins throwing a tantrum in the ring. After a replay is shown, Maxine immediately storms to the stage and screams at Derrick asking him what he’s doing. He admits that he messed up, and that he doesn’t want her to lose the love and feeling she had for him. Bateman then proceeds to get down on his knees and serenade her by singing the word “baby” over and over until Dirty Curty makes his presence known and ambushes him from behind! From there, he screams to Derrick that nobody walks out on him… to which Maxine immediately struts over Derrick and claims “I’m walking out on you right now.” Wait a second! WAIT A SECOND! Is that a reaction I hear from this otherwise ridiculously silent crowd?! Maxine has just given me a Christmas miracle!

Skip to 1:36

We then head backstage later in the night to see Maxine and Dirty Curty arguing with one another until Derrick Bateman runs right up and almost gets into it with the dirty one. Suddenly, NXT host/GM, Matt Striker interrupts and asks why they are doing this in his office. Maxine claims that this is not his business, but Striker says that this is his show and not “The Young and the Promiscuous”. Matt then books Derrick against Johnny next week in the match to end everything. Maxine claims this is the only thing they can all agree on, as she walks off and Derrick chases after her. Johnny tries to follow them, but Striker stops him and points him to go in the other direction as this segment comes to a close.

Also, check out Tamina in managerial action as she accompanies her new associate, JTG, in his match against Titus O’Neil!

Thoughts: I don’t think I have ever in my life heard a more dead crowd than I did tonight. This wasn’t just for the Divas match either, as literally the entire show gave new meaning to the term “Silent Night”. It really puts a dampener on the matches when barely any noise is made, and I can’t fathom why a crowd that large is so dead. Once again, I’m guessing it’s due to the lame preconceived notions about NXT being a joke, but it’s frustrating that the best program in the company gets so little reaction. I guess the same reason why I love it (presumably, the higher ups have very little to do with it so it doesn’t have to be treated as rushed as Raw or SmackDown) is the same reason why so few know what’s going on with it.

On to the actual match, I thought Maxine and Kaitlyn put on a good showing. I’d rank it second of all the matches I’ve seen between them as I enjoyed their bout a few months ago more, but that’s mostly due to the fact it was given more time, plus the crowd factor as well. I think they are getting a lot more chemistry together in the ring, and it’s unfortunate that an otherwise solid showing came off as anything less due to such tiny reception. Both ladies made the most of what they were given, and I really hope to see more Kaitlyn, as well as AJ make her way back to NXT. Maxine could always team up with Tamina, or hey, you know, do the impossible and call up Naomi!~

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