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NXT Watch (February 1st, 2012): The Fox Outsmarts Her Former Rookie, Plus Latest Twist in BateMax with Extra Added Kaitlyn!

Greetings to all my fellow NXT fans, and let me welcome you to another recap of our favorite yellow rope themed show. If you’re like me and you spent all night feverishly refreshing only to find no update and think all hope in life was lost, well never fear, for some kind soul managed to help guide the show onto YouTube this morning for us all to see. This week, it’s match number three in the Pro/Rookie story, with Alicia Fox going one on one with Maxine. If that isn’t enough to entice your appetite, our resident fanny pack wearing Kaitlyn also appears backstage in a segment with the woman wrapped up in more love triangles than Jerry Lawler!

So without any further ado, let’s get this recap started!

Following a beautiful segment involving Derrick Bateman and he who shall not be named (seriously, WWE, if you make me write about Heath Slater, I will not forgive you) the music of our benevolent ruler, Maxine hits, and she makes her way out to the ring in her wrestling gear. Following a kiss to Derrick, we head to a commercial break upon finding out that up next we will see her square off with Alicia Fox! Once we return to “pa-pa-pa-partay”, it can only mean one thing! Out comes Alicia in her trademarked Fancy Fox Hood, which falls over her face when she hops on the turnbuckle and causes me slight laughter.

We get a recap of the tremendous segment from three weeks ago, before the bell sounds and these two lock up around the ring. Maxine takes control with a waist lock, before kicking Fox in the stomach and spearing her to the ground. This former rookie seems relentless in her attack, not letting up off of Fox until the referee starts counting! She picks Alicia up and begins to claw her in the face, before snapping her to the ground with a hair toss, as that rotten scoundrel, Dirty Curty walks out and distracts Maxine from the action. This allows the fancy Fox herself to roll Maxine up for the three count and victory!~ She celebrates in the ring, as the Queen of Mean heads up the ramp, furiously I might add, to hunt down that Dirty thief.

Later on in the night, we go backstage to spot Derrick Bateman basically being dragged along by Maxine as she is on the hunt for Dirty Curty. This small framed woman grabs a man who was simply standing by on his phone by the collar of his neck DEMANDING to know where Johnny’s at, before Derrick forces her off of him and helps make sure the man is okay. Maxine proceeds to order Bateman to go look elsewhere, as she turns around and spots Justin Gabriel chatting up Kaitlyn! Justin sees that he can obviously not be a man in Maxine’s way judging from what she just did to that guy earlier, and thus makes the smart choice to head out and leave the two ladies to discuss what’s up.

Kaitlyn claims that Maxine is always looking for a reason to talk to Dirty Curty, which sparks the dark haired beauty to state that this is none of her business. Kaitlyn comes back with the fact that she just doesn’t want to see Derrick get hurt again, which again, forces Maxine to state that HER relationship has nothing to do with Kaitlyn. The NXT winner dubs her and Derrick as friends, and brings up the habit Maxine has of hurting Derrick. Suddenly, Maxine comes to the revelation that… dun dun DUN, Kaitlyn has a secret crush on Derrick!

Kaitlyn calls Maxine an idiot, and tries to run away from her, but the stocking clad lady chases after her and questions if she really thinks Derrick would go for a girl like her when he only likes real women! Kaitlyn finally manages to head off camera, as Maxine is left laughing to herself and calling it cute, before heading out to find Dirty Curty. Of course, like a pimple on prom night, Johnny pops up out of nowhere and begins to breathe heavily as he looks both ways at what he just overheard, before the scene fades out, and I’m sure he heads to his creepy van to lure a poor strange woman inside.

Thoughts: When I first saw what was reported for NXT, I wasn’t too impressed. Granted, the match was pretty much what was said, in that it was under a minute long and ended with a roll up, that wasn’t where I put my focus to as much. As soon as I saw there was a backstage segment, I knew things would make me happy like they do every other week. Onto the match, there’s not really anything to say really. They only had forty seconds to work, but I guess I like that the short matches happen for a reason (i.e. distraction) and don’t just take place every week because they are considered afterthoughts.

The segment was what I enjoyed a lot because it’s finally incorporating Kaitlyn into the storyline as I’ve hoped for some time now. I really like everything about Kaitlyn, from her look, to her in ring style, to her charisma, and I think putting her into a storyline with Maxine is what needed to happen. With WWE finding places for almost everybody on TV like putting Rosa, AJ, and Eve with males and finally using Tamina and Aksana, it pretty much left Kaitlyn as the only Diva with nothing going on and that was a bummer. Thankfully, they seem to now be officially adding her to the story on NXT, and that is more than fine with me! Hopefully these two embark on a long mixed tag feud, that ends with fights at the makeup table and slaps heard round the world.

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