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NXT Watch (February 29th, 2012): Chairs Thrown, Kisses Blown, Maxine & Kaitlyn Continue to Own

I can’t even begin this NXT Watch with a simple hello of any form as usual, because this is unlike all of my past write ups for any show I’ve ever covered. This week;’s episode of the hidden gem in the WWE, NXT, was perhaps the greatest show I have ever seen in a mainstream promotion! Seriously, whoever is in charge of writing this program please give me your contact information and I will personally send you a gift basket of your choosing, complete with assorted chocolates, fried chicken, or anything you desire from the nearest Walmart Supercenter.

On tonight’s star studded show, Maxine and Kaitlyn squared off in the main event of the show… but that was far from all we were presented with. You see, after the match, Maxine also gave Sir William Regal, the new General Manager of NXT, a little “good luck” so to speak. In other news, both she and Kaitlyn, alongside Justin Gabriel and Alicia Fox, were also involved in a special “Derrick Bateman Intervention” segment prior to the big bout. And not only THAT, but we also got some added backstage appearances from Maxine, Aksana, and even Natalya (sans flatulence)!

If that alone hasn’t pumped you all up, you have no soul so let’s hurry up and get to recapping before I collapse from the sheer brilliance that is NXT.

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As Derrick Bateman vs Heath Slater (yes, I’m in such a good mood I will even actually use his name) looks to be transpiring after the commercial break, we instead head to the ring where an image similar to a Maury style “baby daddy dilemma” unfolds before my very eyes with Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, and Justin Gabriel sitting in a trio of chairs. As I await Kaitlyn to get up and accuse Justin of sneaking around with Alicia as she stayed home taking care of the kids, we are actually greeted with the entrance of one Derrick Bateman aka Sweet Meat! He steps into the ring with much hesitation, as Kaitlyn informs him that this is a safe place known as the “Trust Tree”. Brilliant already.

Derrick wonders what they are doing out here since he’s scheduled for a match with the Red Headed Ginger Man (hey, his words… not mine.), to which Justin informs him the match is canceled. Kaitlyn then let’s Bateman know that this is an intervention, as Alicia adds that the 5’5″ ball of evil in his life has overtaken him, and they need to set him straight. He simply can’t believe what they are saying, sparking Justin to dub Maxine a piranha (which catches Alicia off guard since we all know from season three that SHE is the true piranha). The trio ask him to ditch Maxine and think about the good “Team Single” times when he was happy.

Alicia Fox proceeds to run down the list of things that have happened since BateMax reformed, including anger management sessions and court appointed therapists. It’s then revealed that Kaitlyn set this entire thing up which seems to get Derrick a little heated since he just wants to compete against Heath. Kaitlyn then runs up to him and explains that they don’t care about his match! From there, we are taken to a sensational video package depicting Maxine’s slight anger problems with Derrick.

Once we return to the ring following that delightful video, Kaitlyn asks Derrick if those are signs of a healthy relationship? She explains how the first step is admitting that they have a problem, but Derrick counters her accusation by explaining that she’s different at home and they don’t know the real Maxine. Sweet Meat depicts how he doesn’t want to die alone, and he guesses they’re in love, which does NOT set well with Kaitlyn. She screams that Maxine is just using him and that she will ditch him when the next guy comes around that can do more for her career! Kaitlyn continues on by asking if the reason they’re “in love” is because Maxine hits him, explaining how that’s not love, but rather creepy. Derrick dubs Kaitlyn the love guru, and beckons for her to tell him what love really is. Without hesitation, Kaitlyn grabs Derrick by the curls and proceeds to plant a big ol’ kiss on him!

As I regain my composure from dying of laughter at Alicia Fox’s reaction, she tosses him down and we see Maxine CHARGE full force into the ring and spear Kaitlyn to the ground despite attempts to hold her back. All hell has broken loose! Maxine goes to grab a chair and throw it at Derrick, but Justin Gabriel manages to take it away from her! This doesn’t stop the Queen from running up to Bateman and unloading on him with punches to the chest until she can be restrained by Justin. She finally escapes out of the ring, leaving me with the GREATEST segment my eyes have ever seen and my sure to be top moment of 2012. So perfect.

From there, we go backstage to see Tyson Kidd walking to the ring for his upcoming match against Mr. Perfect Jr. (No, not Dolph Ziggler… and yes, I did add this line in to please Khaleesi Cryssi.) Suddenly, he is stopped by none other than Natalya! She wants to wish him luck on his match tonight, stating that he is one of the Harts and nobody will get him down. Suddenly, McGillicutty enters and sniffs the air, proclaiming that something stinks and it’s not Natalya for once. Tyson amazingly snaps back that it’s Mike’s talent blowing back in his face, as McGillicutty states that the only reason a Hart talks to him is because they feel bad. Natalya explains that that’s not true, as we head to a break before their upcoming bout.

Backstage we go again, this time to see Maxine destroying various set pieces that eye her the wrong way. After abusing a few crew members, she runs into Aksana who asks what’s wrong. Maxine explains that everyone on the show is plotting against her like she’s stupid, and as Aksana tries to calm her, Maxine states that she knows Aksana is in on it too. She tells the Lithuanian beauty that anyone who crosses her will regret it, and she suggests that she stay out of her way! Maxine walks off, as Aksana looks on with a curious expression on her face.

Later on, following a segment which shows Matt Striker announce William Regal to be the new General Manager of NXT, we head to the ring after hitting the obligatory dance floor, to see Kaitlyn make her way out for tonight’s main event match. We become introduced to both Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman on commentary, as Dirty Curty proceeds to apply some lotion to his rotten chest. Following a recap of the earlier actions from tonight, both men proclaim that things are going to get weird tonight, with Dirty Curty also adding that he loves skin!~

The two are soon cut off by the upbeat theme of Maxine, as the arena turns green from both envy and the spotlight above. She proceeds to make her way out to the ring looking quite irked as she heads into this big match. The referee has to physically restrain them until the bell rings and Maxine quickly charges for Kaitlyn. She backs her into the corner and kicks her a few times in the stomach, as the moonlight rider speaks a bit on commentary and Kaitlyn dropkicks Maxine into the turnbuckle. She slams Maxines head into the second corner post, before dragging her to the center of the ring and dropping her with a body slam.

Kaitlyn proceeds to plant her with a leg drop, until locking her legs into a submission hold as Maxine tries to fight out. The Queen of Mean uniquely backs Kaitlyn up into a pinning comination of her own for a two count, which also aids her in breaking the leg lock submission. Once at a vertical base, Maxine charges off the ropes with a sick boot to the face for a two count. Dirty Curty explains that dry skin is one of his many bugaboos in life, while Maxine continues to go for failed pin attempts.

An irish whip attempt by Maxine is soon countered into a backbreaker by Kaitlyn for a two count, as the NXT Season Three Winner just proceeds to beat on the skull of her opponent. Maxine then boots Kaitlyn in the face and charges forward with a running fist to the chest for another near fall. Curtis tries to calm the angered Queen down, which sparks her to lock in an arm submission. After some struggle, Kaitlyn fights out and Maxine is forced to break the hold. Kaitlyn then locks in a full nelson and drops it into a bomb style version! From there, she flips Maxine over into a pin for the victory! Kaitlyn then celebrates her win, as Maxine rolls outside the ring and looks quite pissed. She shoves Derrick Bateman out of her way, before doing the same to Dirty Curty!

Maxine walks over to the commentary table and grabs a microphone, as she basically climbs onto the new GM, William Regal, and says that she just wants to congratulate him on his new position. She adds that she is looking forward to working quite closely with him, as a large “Hoeski” chant erupts from the crowd. With that being said, Maxine walks out on both men, seemingly putting herself first as she plans to get off of NXT. The show ends with the expressions on all four faces playing quite the key in our saga continuing on next week… and personally, I can’t wait!

Thoughts: God I hated NXT tonight… is something that I’m sure you all know is a big fat lie! This was the best show I’ve ever seen and I will stand by that through any naysayers who dismiss the program because of past seasons. The people on this show remind me of when I used to overly love everything WWE had on TV some time ago, because I generally look forward to the show each week and all of the people involved are so entertaining. I love that all of my favorites are on a show like that, other than AJ who is actually being used a great deal in her own right on SmackDown.

The segment in the ring was fantastic, and everyone played their role so well. Whether it be Batelyn’s insanely awesome chemistry together or Alicia Fox’s random hilarious screams, I am never not entertained by this show, and that’s something I can’t quite say about the other programming WWE has to offer. Maxine and Kaitlyn are actually being given character development, and you can see that they want to beat the living crap out of each other. Diva feuds that even get on pay per view don’t get this kind of build!

The match was pretty solid in my opinion, and I loved the commentary between Derrick and Johnny. These four have given me some of the best segments I will likely ever see on WWE programming, and I want to see them get so much success after this. Granted, I’m kind of worried to see what would become of them on any other show WWE is in charge of, but for now I’m loving everything they do.

The ending is perhaps giving a new chapter to the story, in that Maxine may be looking to further her own career with her sucking up to the new GM in town. I don’t know where this is leading to, nor do I ever know where anything they do is, and that’s part of what makes NXT the best show WWE has produced in years. Keep at it, Golden Ropes Crew.

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