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NXT Watch (January 25th, 2012): Maxine Puts Dirty Curty in His Place as the Saga Rolls On!

Why hello there! It’s Thursday again… and that can only mean one thing. No, not a new episode of Z! True Long Island Story (although that’s likely true), but another NXT recap! Last week was the big wedding between Maxine and Johnny Curtis, but like all wrestling weddings turmoil struck and the bridezilla ended up leaving alongside her former love interest, Derrick Bateman. We all (and by that, I mean myself) cheered this action, but were concerned about whether this meant the end for the saga known around the world as “Maxine’s Choice”. Tonight, however, we did get a small dose of continuation from it… and hey, Kaitlyn and Derrick also got a backstage segment which means we are sure to see some added hilarity ensue.

Well don’t just sit there, let’s get started!

As we head backstage, we spot our triumphant hero, Derrick Bateman, as he skips down a hallway with a mop in his hand like he just won the lottery, or a part in a Broadway show. The mop eventually falls, as he speaks to a random person named Mipsy, before high-fiving the great Kaitlyn, complete with pink fanny pack. He asks her if she saw last week that true love prevailed and BateMax is back! Kaitlyn is none too amused though, which sparks her to question how he can be so happy when she (Maxine) ripped his heart out, stomped on it, spit on it, and probably fed it to a rabid dog. She continues on that after one slap, he’s back under Maxine’s powers and they are doing that “weird disgusting tongue thing”.

Kaitlyn wants Sweet Meat to be sure he knows what he’s doing, to which he retaliates that he knows it will be different this time. Besides, being on NXT so long, he might as well have a hot chick this time. Suddenly, the conversation changes as Kaitlyn asks if Sweet Meat has seen Dirty Curty today and Derrick claims that even Johnny isn’t stupid enough to show his face this week. Kaitlyn lets him know that he actually is, as she saw him cleaning his bear skin rug and putting it back into his van earlier. (Someone seriously needs to call Chris Hanson… I know Maxine isn’t underage but still.) This sparks Derrick Bateman to look slyly into the camera and let out the one word which signals that this isn’t over… “Curtis”. He then thanks Kaitlyn for the heads up and proceeds to leave the former NXT winner.

Following a commercial break, we return to the ring to see Matt Striker standing by with a microphone in hand. He introduces himself to the crowd, before giving us a brief recap of last week’s action (complete with video) between Maxine, Derrick, and Dirty Curty. Once the video comes to an end, we go back to the arena as perhaps the theme song that in all of wrestling I find odd that I’m addicted to, Dirty Curty’s hits, and he makes his way out to the ring. After grabbing a microphone, Matt asks his thoughts on what happened last week, to which Dirty Curty exclaims that he enjoyed Maxine’s fingers in his mouth because he absolutely loves a girl with dirty fingernails!

This doesn’t go on for long, as that oh so benevolent voice comes over the microphone and out walks the newly reformed BateMax. She questions if he will indeed stoop to any level, and asks if this is what it’s come down to. He tries to calm her down and states that they are exactly the same, before trying to make her admit she’s a dirty little girl! (That’s not PG!) Maxine agrees that they may have some similarities, but at least she’s woman enough to admit it. She explains that last week was a disaster, and it’s obvious to her that she either has to keep them separated by arm’s length or get him off NXT. Derrick secretly tries to mention that they should be more worried about getting themselves off NXT, but she reassures him that they will get off soon. Matt Striker tries to interrupt them, but she tells him to shut up! (Side note: I oddly find it amusing every time Maxine tells Matt Striker off — sorry, Cryssi, if you see this.) Maxine states that Derrick has been a contestant on NXT forever, whereas Dirty Curty walks himself back in here and takes a squat trying to mark his territory!

She adds that he doesn’t even belong here, which sparks Dirty Curty to form a look like Maxine just killed him inside. Striker tries to inform them that they will all just have to learn to get along together, which Derrick seems to agree with since he’s beaten Johnny twice already. Dirty Curty tries to calm “Der” down, claiming that he just wants to be one big happy family like it used to be. He tries to shake hands with the curly haired hero, before adding that he doesn’t bite, and to ask Maxine for proof of this!~ (Ouch!) Derrick starts to get upset, but Maxine, being the woman with the power and control that she is, leans in towards Dirty Curty… and knees him right in the… well, you get the picture! She grabs him by the hair and asks if they have an understanding, before doing the same to Derrick. He agrees to the truce, and the two share a kiss, before making their way out of the ring as Dirty Curty looks on with his “injury”.

Thoughts: It’s not the level of segments we usually see on NXT, but after fearing for my life that this feud was over after last week, I’ll take it! I thought the in ring segment was solid, and they all shined together as always. Maxine walking up to Johnny and kneeing him right in the baby maker had me laughing, and I’m pretty curious as to where this will go from here since they all agreed to get along. I’m wondering if Kaitlyn will somehow get involved since she keeps appearing in the segments, but I don’t know what she could do since she can’t exactly be Johnny’s equalizer with her disinterest to “get weird” with him.

I know I said I could possibly handle losing “Maxine’s Choice” since I now have Planet Funk on Raw and SmackDown to get me by, but I’m not going to lie, when NXT aired for a good twenty minutes and we saw no sign of them, I started to fret. Thankfully, this seems to be continuing, and I say let it. People may not be fans of the program or some of the people involved, but as for myself, I really enjoy it and I look forward to it more than other shows. I’m still invested in the storyline and I’m interested to see what happens next, which in wrestling, is pretty much all I ask for.

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