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NXT Watch (May 2nd, 2012): The Three Stages of Relationships

Why hello there, and if you happen to be stopping by this dandy little NXT recap, well first let me thank you for the view. You see, I am going to take things a little different in my recap this week, for I hatched a beautiful idea that I hope ends up coming off as well as it did in my mind by the time this is finished. But we’ll get more into that later. First, let’s have a brief recap of the Diva related actions on NXT this week. There was no match, which is a little disappointing, but understandable. What we did get though were three segments… three beautiful segments. Some short, some long, but all wonderful.

The first (meaning the first one I will choose to recap) was my personal highlight of 2012 involving Alicia Fox and JTG, the second was a brief chat between Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn, and the third was more revelations in the adventures of Maxine and Dirty Curty. Being that there was no match this week, I’ve decided to switch things up and instead, take you all on a journey into the three stages of perfect couples. Bear with me, as I will try to make this as fun as I can. And if you know me, fun is my middle name!


Stage 1“Hey, I Just Met You, and This is Crazy” (Sir JTG and Miss Alicia Fox)

Their story this week:

We spot William Regal and Josh Matthews chatting up about NXT, before being whisked away to the back where the five star talent that is JTG can be seen walking angrily down a hallway. Out of nowhere, he is approached by…BY…ALICIA FOX! She stops him as the crowd makes some “WOOO” and “OOWW OWW OWWW” sounds from her godlike presence. JTG briefly snaps at her, which sparks Miss Fox to gasp in horror and ask what is wrong. JTG explains that he’s tired of not succeeding in NXT as of late, to which our dear Alicia questions if he’s looked in a mirror lately? She comments on his get up by claiming that he looks like he’s stuck in 1998 Brooklyn! She dubs him a walking punchline which stings a little Foxy, I got to admit.

Luckily she redeems herself by offering her services to help change JTG into a new look. She describes it as having new hair, new gear, and a whole new look. (Hopefully she dyes his hair red and they can match). Alicia asks for one week to make him over and promises it will instill a new confidence and aggressiveness. JTG abruptly says no, but then remembers that Alicia Fox and all her hissing glory is the Queen of confidence and aggressiveness, thus he returns and gives her one week to turn it around! YES! YES! YES! Alicia gets a glimmer in her eye and lets out a “fabulous” as JTG heads off and Foxy plots ideas of how to “fix” him.

Now for our summary of this couple…

Strengths: They have automatically won my approval as Couple of the Year because I’ve waited FOUR long years for them to do something worthwhile with JTG and it seems as if my…I mean his time has come. Also, Alicia Fox wore the same dress in this segment that she wore when I saw her at Axxess (Don’t judge me), thus I admire this duo even more than I could have ever imagined. AliTG for Life!

Weaknesses: JTG seemed skeptical of whether to trust our red headed fox at first. If trust isn’t key, this duo will not last…and my god JTG please get some trust because I’ve waited too damn long for something this brilliant that I am not going to let it get dropped.


Stage 2“You and Me Baby, We’re Stuck Like Glue” (Master Derrick Bateman and Lady Kaitlyn)

Their story this week:

We spot the two walking backstage, and might I say that I absolutely love Derrick’s NXT shirt. Where can I get one? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? …Anyways, back to the brief situation at hand. As the two walk side by side and chat up Derrick’s impending match on SmackDown this Friday, they are sadly interrupted by the sound of a loud BANG, as they walk in to see Alex Riley down on the floor with an injured knee after an attacker left. Derrick finds a tassle on the floor nearby, which could hint towards it being A-Ry’s tag partner, Percy Watson…Dun Dun DUN! Nonetheless, Derrick and Kaitlyn help Alex limp to a doctor and this segment comes to a close.

Strengths: Their ability to get along which is hard to come by on NXT, as well as being the only one of these three duos who are actually dating. Derrick and Kaitlyn are essentially a match made in heaven with their similar personalities and it shows in their segments backstage together.

Weaknesses: Relatively new couple. Time may not be on their side in the words of FCW Standout Bray Wyatt aka the former Husky Harris. We will have to see if they can stand the test of time like BateMax attempted so many eras before. Also, they don’t seem to be getting a lot of screen time together. They only appear in brief segments backstage as a duo, and when it’s a long segment it usually only involves one of them i.e. Kaitlyn last week when Natalya interrupted her chat with Tyson. These two need more screen time!


Stage 3“Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know” (Lord Jonathan ‘Dirty Curty’ Curtis and Queen Maxine)

Their story this week:

Skip to 2:05

In the midst of an in ring segment between William Regal and Matt Striker, we quickly get interrupted by the randomly amazing theme music of Johnny Curtis. Out he comes with Maxine by side…oh, but don’t get me wrong. She’s not standing by her man to be supportive, rather she’s still handcuffed to his filthy wrist! Johnny questions William Regal’s intent on bringing new faces to NXT, even dubbing him “Billy!” He asks Billy Regal if he’s going to inform the new talent that there’s a good chance they could end up getting knuckled down to a no good waste of skin she-devil! (Curtis is lucky I’m such a huge fan of his because NO ONE insults Maxine and gets away with it unless they are on a high pedestal for me).

Maxine snatches the microphone from him and dismisses his claim that she’s a she-devil. She continues on by stating that obviously no one there knows how to handle a real woman, thus she’s stuck to this moron, signing contracts she doesn’t understand, and still on this forsaken show! The two try to make their way into the ring, despite minor hilarious arguing, but they can’t seem to decide which side of the ring to step in on. Their cuffs begin to cut off circulation to their wrists, thus Dirty Curty caves and follows Maxine. She demands he hold the ropes open for her, but he refuses and Maxine attempts to climb in…but unfortunately trips and falls (Okay, I did laugh…but I was laughing with you Maxine, not at you. Please don’t scream at me.)

Maxine lifts herself up and screams for him to get off of her, but William interrupts them and says that it bothers him to see both Johnny and Maxine lose their matches last week. He continues by claiming that due to him re-evaluating the company over the next few weeks, he will take this into consideration. SUDDENLY, we are interrupted by the sheer brilliance of JTG, who tells Regal to pump the brakes! He claims that Regal should be worrying about him, and not Johnny and Maxine. JTG wants to know why Regal is hating on him because the people want to see JTG (and the crowd actually pops for this…I love Toledo!)

William Regal describes his giddiness with all three of them being in the ring since they were the biggest thorns in Hornswoggles side last week when he was in charge. He orders Striker to uncuff Maxine and Johnny because JTG will team up with Dirty Curty to face two men who want a piece of them. Out comes TYSON KIDD! I shriek with joy, as Tyson asks them to listen to how irritating they sound at complaining when they get the chance to entertain the crowd that thousands strive to compete in front of. Tyson calls out a friend to tag with…and out comes Mr. SAY IT TO MY FACE himself, Alex Riley. Good god it’s like my NXT dream teams have collided in some sort of gift sent from the heavens.

Check out the tag match below, complete with Maxine on commentary:

Strengths: Some people are just better as enemies stuck together by the power of handcuffs than they ever were as a romantic couple, and Maxine & Johnny are two of them. Maxine also gets more of my admiration every time she falls and screams “OWWW”. I love these two when they’re bitter rivals!

Weaknesses: They hate each other for starters! Plus, will they ever get off NXT?! Part of me wants them to be on a main show so that more people can witness the brilliance that both of them bring…but part of me doesn’t because if they were on an actual show, would they be given any screen time to show off such brilliance? Titus and Darren randomly do get screen time on SmackDown, so who knows?

So there you have it. Which of these stages does your favorite duo fit in? And better yet, do you and your significant other fit into any of them?!

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