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NXT Watch (November 16th, 2011): Is Maxine Getting Dirty with Curty?

Hello everybody! Remember last week when I said that as long as there is a woman appearing on NXT, I’d be here to recap? Well WWE decided to put me to test this week with just a couple backstage segments. The first, which continues our ongoing saga of “Maxine‘s Choice” features the she-devil herself, Maxine, as the second features both she and the Brooklyn Scouting Bad Girl, Tamina. Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to business…

Up first, we head to the back where the bride to be, Maxine, is seen looking through some bridal magazines when out of nowhere pops the guy who aims to disrupt the upcoming nuptial ceremony, Johnny Curtis! He compliments her like any male should rightfully do, as she questions his intentions. He explains that he just wants things to be like they used to be, claiming that he wants the awkwardness to stop. Sir Curtis puts his hands on Maxine and tells her to call him, but she quickly ends both his touching and hopes…

Maxine tells him to listen up, and that SHE plays the seductive, conniving game…hell, she invented it! She informs Johnny that it won’t work on her, which he replies by telling her that if she sees Derrick, to tell him that it’s too bad about tonight. Maxine seems dumbfounded, as he lets her know Bateman had an impromptu match just now while she was sitting back here flipping bridal pages. Curtis picks on Derrick’s hair, but more importantly, on Maxine’s wedding, to which she spins him around and plays the seductive card up before POW! Slap right in the face for his troubles as she storms off.

Heading to the hall way, we spot newfound partnership, JTG and Tamina. (Sometimes I wonder if the NXT writers pick my brain for the best wrestling couples to come up with) JTG compares them to Bonnie & Clyde, before running into the Uso’s and their snazzy lookin shades. Tamina executes her finest dog command voice and tells them “Not right now! No! No! We are not doing this!” as I question if an Uso accidentally spilled food on one of her new dresses to get such a command. They walk off, and soon run into Derrick Bateman.

The frantic frizzy haired husband to be questions if they’ve seen his fiancée or her boy toy, as the two state that they have not and walk off. Johnny Curtis then pops up once again like a pimple on prom night (copyright, Jerry Lawler) and he says that he just had eyes on Maxine. He tells Derrick that Maxine digs him, and that she got a little touchy feely. (Does a slap really count?) Out of nowhere, the sound of an angelic voice interrupts, as Maxine beckons to know where Derrick was at!

The two begin to argue back and forth, as Derrick says that he was defending her honor, and she fights back that she is trying to plan their wedding! He claims that all they need is an open bar and a DJ, but she’s too busy getting dirty with Curty! As he dare challenge Maxine to slap him in the face, she instead lets out a beautiful grunt and storms off like a bridezilla. Bateman turns his focus back to Dirty Curty, as he tells Derrick if he needs any advice on girls to give him a call, but then remembers he doesn’t have his number so to get it from Maxine! Derrick Bateman lets out a comparable grunt to Maxine’s, as he then gets on the phone to talk to Teddy Long about something and we head out.

Also check out Tamina managing JTG in his match against Yoshi Tatsu:

Skip to 03:43

Thoughts: A pretty small week on NXT as we dwindle down to backstage segments. I have to say I’m missing the Chickbusters being on and I wish they’d make their way back to our (computer) screens. I still enjoy Maxine’s role a lot and I hope that she does choose Johnny Curtis in the end because there is an insane amount of potential those two have together. Tamina and JTG are a pretty surprising pairing, but it gives Tamina something new to do so I enjoy it. Overall, solid edition of NXT.

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