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NXT Watch (November 23rd, 2011): Tamina Found Love in a Hopeless Place, But Can Maxine?

Loyal NXT brethren, lend me your ears for it is time to continue this never-ending fairytale about a man and a woman engaged to wed, that is put on hold when a certain “Dirty Curty” invades their homeland of NXT. If you’ve been paying attention, you of course know that I’m referring to our very own feature film, “Maxine‘s Choice”. This week bode no differently for our diva in question, as Maxine is left with more reasons as to why her decision making skills must be at their finest before her big day. Also this week, the tale of two friends with benefits, Tamina and JTG, continues on with her… disapproving relatives? Friends? People she made her debut with?

Okay, stop reading this and scroll down to view!

As Yoshi Tatsu and Johnny Curtis face off in the ring with Batemax on commentary, we are stunned to witness Dirty Curty face defeat after a spin kick from the top rope. Following that, Derrick Bateman heads out from the commentary table into the ring and pats Johnny on the shoulder before heading to the back. Matt Striker (trend #mattstriker this Friday night for your favorite southern belle, Cryssi) then informs us that there is a commotion going on backstage, as we head over to see the stunning star of NXT, Maxine, and her frizzy haired fiancée, yet equally awesome, Derrick Bateman.

She again tries to explain to DB that nothing happened, nor will it ever happen with Dirty Curty. Master Bateman tries to reiterate that she keeps saying that, but he doesn’t comprehend what she means. This angers our Queen of Mean, as she broadens her vocal range and asks if she has to explain it to him! Derrick says that everywhere he turns Dirty Curty is creeping up on them, and says that he can’t deal with him, or this, because he has too much on his plate right now.

Maxine seems unimpressed with such news, and brings in all the things on her plate. In case Derrick forgot, they are planning a wedding after all, but he doesn’t help with a darn thing involved! She accuses Bateman of not even stuffing the Thanksgiving Day turkey yet, but he questions how he’s supposed to do all that when he’s too busy debuting on SmackDown to try to make a better life for them? She brings up that Teddy Long specifically asked for Bate-MAX to make an appearance on the blue brand, and that he didn’t do it alone. She tells him to get his priorities straight, and that until he does, playtime between the two of them is OVER.

As Maxine walks off in true bridezilla fashion, Dirty Curty then creeps up behind Derrick and accuses Maxine of having eyes for his caboose out in the ring. Bateman mentions that it was probably his loss against Yoshi Tatsu, which Dirty Curty claims was because she was staring a hole through his heart and soul. Curty says that Bateman’s marriage is going to go up in flames just like his Thanksgiving turkey, and that he’s lucky he proposed to her first because instead of living in hell with Bateman, she could be living in paradise with Dirty Curty (and this is said with some waving shimmy dance as well that I can’t put into words). Derrick tells Curty to stop thinking about Maxine and asks if he gets that, but as Bateman walks off, Dirty Curty says that while he got that, he’s also going to get her!~ DUN DUN DUN!

After an in ring promo by the Usos, JTG and Tamina interrupt things with a microphone in hand. JTG makes a car screech sound effect, as the island goddess, Tamina apparently wants to talk. (Seriously, why can’t the Divas on the other brands just get a microphone whenever they want to talk?!) The Brooklyn Baller hands our Warrior Princess the stick, as she states that she’s not going to listen to the Usos just because of their family history, being that she is a strong, independent woman who’s got a man that looks good! She drags him by the chain and promotes his style, before claiming that he will beat an Uso tonight.

JTG puts his chain around Tamina’s neck, as Matt Striker clears up the relationship between the trio in that they are cousins. From there, you can witness JTG face Jimmy Uso!

Thoughts: Another pretty decent week of NXT. While this show is now only promoting Tamina and Maxine on the microphone, it’s what a lot of Divas could use to help get people to know them. I do miss the matches, and it seems WWE is destroying the Chickbusters before our very eyes, but as I said before, provided a Divas makes so much as a one second appearance, I will be here to recap it. This Batemax wedding is going to be the event of the century, and who knows? Maybe they’ll do it Brady Bunch style and have a double wedding with JTG and Tamina… how I dream of ways to make NXT even more awesome.

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