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NXT Watch (November 9th, 2011): Maxine’s Choice

Bombshell tonight! This week the powers that be behind NXT (yes I’m a poet, and I did know it) have decided to not reward us with a Divas match this week…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun filled evening of diva filled segments now does it? Plus, I love writing about NXT so if a diva so much as appears for a split second, I’ll be there (Dontcha know baby). This week, a new partnership blossomed between JTG and Tamina, as a revelation about Maxine’s dating life was revealed…leading to the ultimate choice she will eventually have to make. As I prepare for the upcoming drama this season of NXT will bring, why don’t we start up the recap now?

As we join the group of Titus O’Neil, Percy Watson, Derrick Bateman, Matt Striker, and Maxine in the ring for the opening segment, Matt takes it upon himself to welcome us to another week of NXT goodness. He introduces the two remaining rookies, as Titus gets his seal-bark out to annoy Derrick. Bateman proceeds to inform Sir Striker that he is forgetting to mention the WWE’s true new power couple…BATEMAX!~ Derrick claims that two weeks ago Maxine made him the happiest man on Earth when she agreed to become the future Mrs. Bateman, and that whether or not they are in America or bloody ol’ England, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. (Note: I fully agree with Mr. Bateman on that)

The two proceed to lock lips as the clearly jealous, Titus O’Neil makes a lame remark about Maxine. He turns the attention onto himself to note that he is more concerned with winning NXT and becoming the next breakout star. Titus begins to seal-bark again, but the UK are feeding him no cheers like America does. I guess they are more cat people? Matt Striker states that he has been assessing the two gentlemen for the past 30 or so weeks both in the ring and the locker room…but out of nowhere comes one of the best damn male rookies to ever grace this show JOHNNY CURTIS!

Johnny shines his finger on that black cab the WWE always busts out when they venture to the UK. (Oh, and don’t think I forgot about you, red telephone booth) Mr. Curtis states that the people that really have something to learn are the idiots that tune into this show every week. As I take great offense to this and question my loyalty to the Curtis fanbase, he continues that when he returned to the program last week, he was disappointed with how bad it has become! As the crowd chants “WHO ARE YA” he takes a furious pause, before instructing them to hold on for a second as he tries to speak.

Johnny states that when he was on this show, the rookies were men. They were gladiators! And they competed in challenges, but now all that’s left is a bunch of rejects (Titus and Percy) and some extra talent lovebirds (Derrick and Maxine). Titus becomes offended and claims that he’s no stranger to kicking someone’s ass. As I get flashbacks of Naomi telling Aksana “girl you better back up”, Derrick Bateman chimes in to profess that ever since Johnny won the show, he has done absolutely nothing. He says that he thought they were boys, to which Curtis states they were never friends.

Sir Curtis continues that he believes Maxine is too good for Derrick! Maxine then drops the BOMBSHELL TONIGHT that she and Johnny went out one time! My jaw drops in awe as if I’m tuning into a weekday showing of “Maury”, as Maxine quickly claims that nothing happened between them! Derrick seems depressed, as Matt Striker decides to announce tonight’s main event will be a tag team match between Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman against Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson! Derrick clings to Maxine and separates her from Johnny Curtis’ sight as the trio exit the ring and we prepare for the upcoming glory that is NXT.

Up next in the ongoing saga that is “Maxine’s Choice”, we arrive backstage to see both she and Derrick Bateman. Derrick is questioning why Johnny Curtis, aka the guy with the milk, of all people. He then reveals that backstage they call him “Dirty Curty”. Maxine interrupts and asks what his problem is because Derrick Bateman has went on a few dates of his own. Snaggletooth (Natalya‘s cat Gismo), Patty McFatty (Clearly Patty Mayonnaise from TV’s Doug™), and Sally with the Trick Knee! (Sally Jessy Raphael?!)

Johnny Curtis walks up and reveals that both NXT and Maxine were not satisfying, eventful, or meaningful to him! (Okay, he’s really trying to get me to dislike him. Nobody trashes Maxine on my watch) Being the humanitarian that she is, Maxine defends my anger at Johnny Curtis and slaps him right across the face. Derrick questions whether Maxine slapped Curtis because he was telling the truth or lying, as she begins to grow frustrated with her future husband. Derrick walks away, as Curtis begins to play with her hair! Bateman walks back up and takes Maxine with him, as Johnny tries to find the tooth I’m sure Maxine knocked out with that slap.

Never the one to sit back and watch the other divas have all the fun, Tamina finds herself backstage with JTG, as he states that he wants to take her to a movie! He then adds on that he would let her wear his chain, until Jimmy and Jey Uso walk into the frey. They can not believe what Tamina is doing with JTG, as she questions when did she ever answer to the two of them? Our Warrior Goddess demands that they stop acting like her father and that she can take care of herself! One of the Uso’s says that she knows her dad wouldn’t appreciate her talking to JTG, as the other adds that Santino was even a better option!

JTG stops the two of them and says that her father would condone the two of them dating because they are both SUPA-FLY! (Sidenote: I laughed) He adds that he’s got a lot of respect for Tamina, and then questions whether or not you pronounce Uso as “Oo-so” or “You-so”. He disregards either option and claims to the two that “You so ugly your gene pool needs some chlorine”. Tamina makes some soothing “Ooh Ooh” sounds as the two walk off and say something that she understands. She informs them that she will be in JTG’s corner tonight in his match against Jimmy Uso NEXT!

(Note: Nothing mentionable happens with Tamina, but incase you were wondering, Jimmy Uso beat JTG)

Rounding up the group of segments in our new feature film entitled “Maxine’s Choice”, we fast forward towards the end of the scheduled tag team main event. Titus O’Neil lifts Johnny Curtis up and drops him with a nice shoulder breaker, as Derrick Bateman runs in to break up the count. This sparks Percy Watson to hit an impressive step up enziguiri, but you can’t keep a good Bateman down for long, as he and Johnny hit a High-Low double team maneuver on Titus. Derrick slides out of the ring and pulls Percy off the apron, as Johnny hooks the leg and scores the victory for his team!

Maxine looks on approvingly, as the tremendous Eden Stiles announces the victorious team. Percy checks on Titus, while Johnny and Derrick share some awkward stares until Curtis walks over towards Maxine. Bateman steps in between them and has an intense stare off with Johnny once again, as our NXT she-devil looks on from behind. Derrick then turns his attention to the future Maxine Bateman, and grabs her by the hand. He drags her up the ramp, but she can not keep her sight off of Johnny…all the more intriguing considering the upcoming Batemax wedding is looming in the distance. Will she marry the man of her dreams, or run off with the anti-NXT milk pouring “Dirty Curty”? We will have to wait and see on next week’s edition of…Maxine’s choice.

Thoughts: Let the bells ring as I scream hallelujah that they decided to go in an opposite direction than the Hornswoggle route I expected. If Maxine and Johnny Curtis form, I think it would be tremendous for both of them. He never really got a fair opportunity when his season ended, and with someone like Maxine by his side, I feel it would do wonders for him, possibly even future Intercontinental Champion? I’m not sure what Batemax would be like on Raw or Smackdown where they wouldn’t get the full show to themselves mostly, but for some reason I think Curtsine would work better for a mainstream viewing.

Also intrigued to see where Tamina and JTG are going, but when she was with Santino she was incredibly interesting in the character department. I enjoyed getting to see her play someone other than the tough monster who doesn’t speak much because I think Tamina is pretty good on the mic. Bummed at the lack of chickbusters on tonight’s episode, but hopefully next week they return to us. All in all, it was another enjoyable NXT and I look forward to next week so we can see where Batemax and Johnny Curtis take us on their ride of matrimony. Goodnight, Friend!

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