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NXT Watch (October 26th, 2011): As Kaitlyn Topples Tamina, We Plan for a Wedding

Hiya everybody, and welcome to another edition of the NXT Watch. I have no witty saying to open this up today, being I’m still in absolute shock at what has transpired…NXT was actually uploaded on time! No four hour waits! No frustration bottling up inside upon every failed refresh of the page! Praise whoever is listening to this, as it was a blessing. Now onto the actual show. We, most importantly, had a match pitting season three winner, Kaitlyn, against the warrior princess, Tamina. On top of that, the two were also involved in a backstage segment with AJ, as Derrick Bateman gave Maxine the surprise of her life to close the show.

What am I waiting for? Let’s begin!

We first head backstage to see my personal favorite tag team, the Chick Busters, coercing with one another as Kaitlyn prepares for her upcoming challenge. They discuss how Kaitlyn wiped the floor with Maxine last week, although AJ is beginning to feel a little bit of tension amongst the NXT division. (Yes I’m now building my own NXT division) Kaitlyn discusses how she loves the drama, and how excited she is for tonight. She brings up that in the ring, AJ is usually the lightning, and she is the thunder, but this evening, she’s going to take AJ’s spot as the lightning of the group.

Kaitlyn begins to get excited and claims that Tamina’s not even going to see her coming, and that she’s going to stick it to her…as AJ makes some disturbed faces to see Tamina standing right behind Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn spins around and tries to back track her way out of this by complimenting the Samoan Goddess on her stealthiness for being such a…tall person. Tamina is having none of this, claiming that she’s too amazing to be on this show, and noting Kaitlyn to remember this when she’s smashing her face all over the ring tonight. Tamina walks off, as Kaitlyn tries to assure AJ that her plan has not backfired. The two fist bump in sure chickbuster fashion, as the segment comes to a close.

As we head back out to the ring, the theme music of our coveted former NXT winner makes her way out to the ring. Tony Chimel (for some ungodly reason) doesn’t announce that she’s in her hometown, but never fear, as Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring looking as chipper as can be. Tamina, ever the opposite, looks like she’s about to beat Kaitlyn up and serve her at a Snuka family supper. The bell sounds, as Kaitlyn attempts to lock up…only Tamina simply shoves her face first into the canvas.

Tamina grabs Kaitlyn by the hair, but Kaitlyn manages to headbutt herself into Tamina’s stomach. Following a punch by our Warrior Princess, Kaitlyn leaps into the air with a nice dropkick to send Tamina down. Both women get to their feet, as Kaitlyn snaps Tamina over with an impressive arm drag that sends her into the corner. Kaitlyn proceeds to charge forward with a leaping clothesline, followed up with some knees to the stomach until Tamina manages to shove Kaitlyn off.

Tamina takes control with a NASTY super kick to the face for a two count. She locks Kaitlyn into a submission hold, both grappling her face and arm in attempts to make the former NXT winner tap out. Tamina then proceeds to punch Kaitlyn in the face before going back to the hold. Kaitlyn fights out with a european uppercut, followed by a roll up for a quick count. Both women get to their feet, but Tamina runs over Kaitlyn with a sick clothesline for a two count.

Kick to the stomach by Tamina, as Kaitlyn tries to fight back unsuccessfully. Tamina proceeds to shove Kaitlyn’s head into a ball with her brute force, as the crowd begins to get behind Kaitlyn. Once again, she tries to fight back, but to no avail as Tamina sends her down with a punch to the stomach. Tamina hoists Kaitlyn up onto her shoulders for a Samoan Drop…but Kaitlyn quickly rolls her up out of nowhere for the victory! Kaitlyn celebrates, albeit looking a little dazed, (super kicks can do that to people) as Tamina looks on furious with her loss.

We now return again to the ring, as AJ is welcomed to the commentary table to help call the action in out main event..and wait a minute…is that a new theme I hear in the background? Sounds pretty unique and interesting; hopefully a full version can soon emerge. For all intended purposes of this recap, we will skip ahead to the finish of Derrick Bateman against Titus O’Neil, where Titus misses a splash off the top rope and Bateman capitalizes with a quick roll up victory. Maxine celebrates on commentary, as AJ claims her day is now ruined.

Maxine slides into the ring during a recap, as Derrick grabs a microphone and hugs his soul mate. He claims that this is the greatest day of his life, and that ever since he first saw her on NXT Season Three, he knew he loved her. Bateman says that everything he does is for Maxine! He springs out that he has an important question for her…as Bateman drops to one knee! Maxine looks around in shock, as Derrick asks her to marry him! Maxine proceeds to SMACK him right across the face to a thunderous pop from the crowd…before engaging in one of the most uncomfortable makeout sessions I’ve ever seen. (Note: Perhaps Derrick should’ve warned her to wear pants tonight)

Titus shields AJ’s eyes from what is going on in the ring, as Maxine says yes and Derrick goes nuts. He hugs her, as the camera captures a rather…interesting look on her face. Maxine doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about what has happened tonight, but why? What does she know that neither Derrick, or us, seem to? Hmmm….

Thoughts: I’ll start off with the segment backstage that I found to be pretty hilarious. NXT is the place to get segments where you actually get to speak…I mean I almost forgot Tamina could talk since it’s been so long. The match was pretty solid, albeit notably not as long as they are usually given on NXT, which was fine with me. I don’t need long matches every week as long as the action is good, and I thought Kaitlyn’s dropkick and armdrag were pretty cool. Tamina’s superkick almost beheaded even me just watching it, so I can only imagine what pain Kaitlyn must have been in.

Onto the big proposal, I’m really intrigued as to where this is going. Obviously, Maxine knows something that Derrick doesn’t, and I have my suspicions that it will be revealed that she cheated on him with someone else. I’ve called it from day one that this would end with her and Tyson Kidd hooking up on Smackdown, but I’m not sure anymore. I pray it’s not JTG because he and Maxine serve no purpose together, but whether it’s Tyson or even someone new that debuts, I’m pretty excited to see where this is headed.

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