Paige done with WWE competition?


This afternoon PWInsider Elite is reporting that Paige, who recently suffered a stinger at a house show, is reportedly done with in ring competition for WWE.

According to PWInsider, “2016 into 2017 was one issue after another for WWE star Paige. 2017 into 2018 was supposed to be her major comeback to WWE, her redemption. Inside the ring, sadly, that will not be the case.

In a situation described as similar to WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland‘s medical disqualification from the ring, WWE star Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis, 25 years old) was informed this week that she will not be cleared to return to the ring after her most recent in-ring injury, has confirmed with multiple sources. It is believed Paige was given the news at the Raw taping this past Monday. We have been told by multiple sources she is “done” as an in-ring wrestler.

During a six woman tag team bout on 12/28/17 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, Paige had her back to Sasha Banks, who was behind her against the turnbuckles. Banks used the ropes to pull herself up and kicked with both legs to Paige’s back. Paige, obviously not ready for the bump, went down face first. She tried to get up but could not get her legs under her, finally did get up and turned to grab Banks, immediately falling down again and rolling over to her back, where she stayed. The referee checked on her and called for the bell. She was examined by WWE medical personnel and a stretcher was brought to ringside to transport her back to the locker room. After several minutes, Paige walked out under her own power.

It was believed at the time that Paige had suffered a stinger, leading to her losing feeling in her extremities. Given her previous neck surgery, WWE pulled her from the ring and set up further testing that led to this week’s decision.

Paige had been announced for the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match on 1/28 in Philadelphia after she was injured, but we are told that was before medical testing led to the determination that she was to be pulled from performing as an in-ring competitor. She will be replaced in the match and all signs are that she will relegated to a non-physical role for the company going forward. One would assume the company will devise a way to write her out of the Rumble match without any physicality, similar to how Daniel Bryan is not allowed to be involved in anything physical in his current role as Smackdown General Manager.”

PWInsider reports that “While Paige will not be allowed to wrestle going forward by the company, we are told that she is extremely well liked by management, so one would think she would remain with the company in some capacity. She was featured on reality series Total Divas, so that’s a possible vehicle for her, as are WWE Studios feature films. It’s also possible the company could tap her to Coach in the NXT system or attempt to transition her into another on camera role.”

UPDATE: Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet also confirmed the reports are seemingly true.

According to Satin, “PWInsider was first to report the news this afternoon and we’ve confirmed the information to be accurate with multiple sources.”

However, neither WWE nor Paige have confirmed this news yet. In fact, Paige just posted this today on her Instagram:

We’ll keep you updated on this breaking story.

If true, we are heartbroken for Paige here at Diva Dirt.

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