Peyton Royce on her championship aspirations


At NXT TakeOver: War Games, NXT Superstar Peyton Royce will be one of four women competing for the vacated NXT Women’s Championship.

In an interview with, Royce discusses her NXT Women’s Championship aspirations, how she has been preparing for the upcoming Fatal 4-Way match and shares her thoughts on her Iconic Tag Team Billie Kay being left out of the match.

On why she feels she is the favorite to win the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: WarGames: “The most important thing going into this match is confidence. If I were to doubt myself, I wouldn’t even have a chance to be competing for the NXT Women’s Championship. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve always lived by the motto, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!’ I’ve applied this theory to every aspect of my life, and clearly, it’s a good one because look at me now. I’m about to become the most Iconic champion the WWE Universe has ever seen!

On how she has been preparing for the match: “If I were to publicly give away my secrets, I’d be dumb. I am an intelligent woman who is focused on the prize. All I can say is I’ve pushed and pulled more numbers in the gym than I saw at the NXT Combine this year. I’ve been picking the brains of multiple coaches at the WWE Performance Center, like Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor and Sara Amato. Not to mention, my diet has been 100 percent on point, and my tape study has been never ending.

Thoughts on Billie Kay not being part of the match: ”I gave myself 24 hours to go through the emotions that came with realizing I’d be in the match without my ‘Iconic Life Partner.’ I went from shocked to livid to depressed, and then managed to pull myself back together. Billie is my support system, just as I am for her. It was actually Billie who told me to move on and get focused, which I have. The two of us always have a plan, whether we are in the match together or not. Knowing B.K. has my back has boosted my confidence, and I know she will be the first person to congratulate me on my win. After all, she’s my best friend.

On how she will change the NXT Women’s division if she wins the NXT Women’s Title: “The first order of business would be to make this division absolutely iconic. If you thought Asuka was a dominant champion, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m going to be the face of the Women’s division, and I’m going to bring all the ladies up to my level through tough love and competition. I care about the NXT Women’s division a lot, so by being its champion, I can really do wonderfully exceptional things for our futures as Superstars. The women might not know it yet, but they will surely thank me later. Every woman on the NXT roster learns from me every day, and they will continue to learn from me when I become their champion.”

Royce also shares her thoughts on her TakeOver: War Games opponents Ember Moon, Kairi Sane and Nikki Cross.

You can read the full interview here.

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