Picture of the Day: Charlotte Shows Off One of Her First War Wounds


Being a Diva may consist of obtaining a worldwide platform and celebrity status, but that doesn’t mean these femme fatales don’t work their tails off in order to achieve it.

As shown above, NXT Diva Charlotte is proudly displaying a black eye she received during her time at the developmental territory. Her father, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, couldn’t be more happy for her.

He posted the above picture on his Facebook account, captioning it, “My daughter is paying the price to be a WWE Diva! WOOOOO!”

Charlotte has been quite impressive in the few televised outings we’ve seen her in, but all that fluidity and athleticism doesn’t come quite as easily as it may seem.

Nonetheless, it seems that showing off your war wounds in the Flair household is like bringing home a good grade. In which case, job well done Charlotte!