Friday, October 22, 2021

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‘Piggy James’ Jokes: Scripted Bullying or Subtle Nod to Internet Gossip?


This week’s SmackDown spoilers have caused an uproar. Diva fans across the Internet, including in our comments section, have taken WWE to task over what they have read. All this before the show even airs tomorrow.

Without giving too much away to the spoiler-phobes among us, tomorrow’s SmackDown will see the continued taunting of Mickie James at the hands of Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool and Layla. But some seem to think that what will air tomorrow night crosses a line, given the reports that came out last month when James was shockingly traded to SmackDown after four years as Raw’s top dog.

Since the spoilers hit the ‘net on Tuesday night, fans have connected the dots between the scripted drama and the real life, behind the scenes drama. In case you’re one of the two people that lived under a rock at the time; Mickie was reportedly being ‘punished’ for continued weight gain via the move to SmackDown.

Is what will air on SmackDown tomorrow a scripted jibe stemming from the purported real life drama? Or is it a subtle nod to Internet gossip, making light of the reports? Fans have been inclined to believe the former. When it comes to WWE, it seems ‘benefit of the doubt’ doesn’t exist; we always jump to the negative connotation. And if truth be told, given their history, we’re not surprised.

With reports of WWE’s supposed unhappiness with Mickie’s weight, did they really just put her on blast on national television? It wouldn’t be the first time ‘real life’ backstage issues have crept into WWE scripts — the company has often been known to rib their talent on screen. No one knows this better than Jim Ross, who in 2005 was the butt of a joke [quite literally] when he had surgery. If this is the case, while they may be hiding behind the fact that it’s scripted — surely this is just workplace bullying at it’s core?

Then there’s the other scenario; what if WWE and Mickie have taken the online reports and decided to make light of them? After all, there’s no better way of answering speculation than sending yourself up, something we oft see in Hollywood. Could the jibes be a nod to the Internet furore?

We’ll likely never know the answer but as with all things on the Internet, it’s up for speculation and debate. Do you think Mickie may be in on the joke and pre-approved being subjected to in such a manner? Or is it, as the title suggests, ‘scripted bullying’? Discuss!

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