Friday, September 24, 2021

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Possible Diva Heel Turn Coming Up (Contains Spoilers)

Due to the spoiler-ish nature of this news, click on to read…

The official website for the IZOD Center which will host the December 30th SmackDown live event is advertising Kaitlyn as teaming with Tamina against AJ and Alicia Fox indicating that she is due to turn heel soon.

WWE had originally filmed a heel turn for Kaitlyn last week which saw her ditch BFF AJ and align herself with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. The footage, however, did not make the air and the storyline was seemingly scrapped.

It looks like WWE still has plans to turn Kaitlyn heel in the coming weeks.

Thoughts: I’m guessing that they are still turning Kaitlyn heel but not aligning her with Beth and Natalya, instead just having her feud with AJ. I think that’s a better way to go and will hopefully give us a second feud/storyline to look forward to on SmackDown.


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