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PPV Predictions: TNA Destination X 2010

The TNA Knockouts Championship is on the line tonight when Tara defends against Daffney. Who will walk out as the champion? We weigh in:

Cryssi: No one should win this match if TNA wants to continue this feud. It’s incredibly hot and everyone seems to love both women involved in it. I would enjoy seeing it drag out for a bit so we can have a great series of matches between these two but I really don’t see that happening given the current state of TNA. I say Tara retains via disqualification since the First Blood stipulation has been dropped. Then TNA will more than likely drop this feud which is a real shame.

Erin: This match has a bit of a WWE feel, meaning they made it merely a week before the PPV. That is never a good sign, and I don’t like what that says about TNA’s investment in this match. I don’t expect much out of it, much like the WWE’s recent Divas matches on PPV. Thus, I’m expecting Tara to get the win, possibly fending off the Beautiful People a bit before doing so. I just don’t see some massive swerve or unexpected outcome, given how little preparation there seems to be in this match. Besides, it feels more like it’s Tara vs. The Beautiful People rather than Tara vs. Daffney, so it’s unlikely that Daffney would be getting the win when she’s merely a pawn. I could be wrong, but that’s just the feeling I get.

Melanie: This is something of a dream match for me and many fans, I’m sure. We have been wanting to see Daffney pushed from as far back as I can remember and we’ve always thought a feud between her and Tara, who has also played the psycho bitch character, would be epic. The build up to this match has been decent but could have been better. That said, I think because fans have been wanting to see this so much and to see Daffney get that push so much, we’ve looked past the middling build up. They have done a good job in recent weeks in establishing Daffney but there’s been no real explanation as to why Daffney hates Tara so much. Nonetheless, I hope this will be the first bout in a long feud and for that reason I believe Tara should retain here — either clean or by DQ.

Steven: I don’t know about anyone else, but this Tara/Daffney feud completely blindsided me. That said, I’m enjoring it and I’m interested to see where it goes from here. I expect to see see Tara win by DQ, as Daffney will probably go psycho again, prompting another face to make the save. Hopefully TNA doesn’t drop the ball on this one and we’ll see this rivalry develop over the next few weeks on Impact and possibly into the next PPV.

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