Pro-Wrestling: EVE owner calls out mistreatment of women in wrestling


Emily Read, owner and promoter of the all female wrestling company Pro Wrestling Eve, took to Twitter to discuss the treatment of women (and other issues) within the industry.

Read, known for her constant push for gender equality within professional wrestling, used the firm’s Twitter account to address some issues regarding women within the industry.

Though she was limited to 140 characters per tweet, Read made her voice heard very clear through her powerful messages.

Her first message read: “People that say “I’m a big supporter of women’s wrestling” when only interested in small divisions of mainly male promotions – do **** off.”

The EVE owner then went on to address WWE specifically, stating that the company “would (not) have pushed a #WomensRevolution if it wasn’t for media or corporate reasoning.” This is in reference to the “evolution” of women in WWE that began in July 2015. Stephanie McMahon addressed that there was an “evolution with women in sport”, citing Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, and that the ladies of WWE needed to play catch-up.

Read also stated that if a promotion is to label their female wrestlers as a “women’s division” then their male counterparts need to be referred to as the “men’s division”. The reasoning behind this is that women’s wrestling should not be seen as a “sub-category” and should be placed on the same level as the work of men.

The topic of fan chants was soon brought up as Read told fans that “just because a female is a heel, doesn’t mean you can chant ‘slut’ at her”. Pro Wrestling Eve has in fact banned multiple people in the past – and continues to do so – for making crude comments such as this. The company has made it very clear that they value respect over the money of these people, and that there will be “no apology accepted.”

To end their comments, Read left us by saying that the late and great Chyna should be placed into the Hall of Fame for her great work. Compared to the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin hit his wife, as well as the fact that The Ultimate Warrior was homophobic, it’s hypocritical that Chyna’s porn days are what is keeping her back.

Emily commented further on the Ultimate Warrior, as well as calling out the bigotry of AJ Styles, discussing her favorite member of Edge & Christian, plus more. This can all be read through this link.

On top of pushing for gender equality, Emily Read constantly discusses mental health, and spoke to about how wrestling has helped her to stay alive.

Pro Wrestling Eve is an all-female, pro feminist wrestling promotion based in East London, UK. With stars such as Rhia O’Reilly, Jinny, Emi Sakura, as well as formerly having WWE’s Paige and Nikki Cross, they constantly host a star studded, engaging and empowering roster. The company also has a no tolerance policy for fans that chant problematic comments/cause issues throughout the show – with no chances given. Comments are also dealt with immediately and publicly, so if you are to attend, you should know that you will be in safe hands. And to top that off, even GLOW star Kate Nash is a big fan of the show.

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