Friday, October 22, 2021

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Race to the Double Championship: Week Three


The WWE certainly shook things up when they drafted Melina and Maryse to opposite brands – with them went their respective championships. Thus, a new record suddenly looms, and the race is on: who will be the WWE’s first ever double champion? We’ve taken possible candidates (former Womens Champions and Divas Champions) and calculated their odds, ordering them in rank of most likely to least likely. Over the following weeks we’ll be updating this chart, taking into account wins, losses, and budding feuds. Place your bets folks because it’s happening, and it’s happening soon.

Mickie James
Raw/Divas Championship
Michelle McCool
SmackDown/Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix
Raw/Divas Championship
Gail Kim
SmackDown/Divas Championship
Candice Michelle
SmackDown/Divas Championship

Given the Odds… Beth stays at #3, still stuck in the rut known as Santina. This week, she even lost to “her” one-on-one, albeit by a roll-up. As long as Beth is nothing more than a punchline in the Santina storyline, her odds of becoming the first Double Champ aren’t getting any better. In fact, they may be going southward sooner rather than later.

Candice remains at #5, still injured. Until she makes her return, she’ll be setting up camp at this spot.

Gail lost to Michelle McCool twice, once teamed with Maria and the second time one-on-one. She stays at #4, with her string of losses and permanent SmackDown status making her odds at winning Raw’s Divas Championship highly unlikely.

Michelle has a friend in Alicia Fox, and with her has been victorious in both tag team action and singles action. Yet, with no Champ appearing on SmackDown yet, she slips to #2. With Melina‘s return looming on the horizon, will Alicia be Michelle’s good luck charm in a possible feud with the Women’s Champion?

Mickie jumps from #2 to #1, thanks to two weeks of wins over Maryse under her belt. First, she beat her in one-on-one action, then pinned the Divas Champion again in a tag team match. It looks like Mickie’s got Maryse’s number, and if she keeps this streak up, it’s looking highly likely that Mickie could become our first Double Champ.

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