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RAW 07/09/18: Last chance to get extreme

We are just a couple days away from Extreme Rules and all the claws are out across the women’s roster. From the title scene, to the ‘other’ stories of the division, everyone is ready to prove that they can be ‘extreme’ and make their mark before the big event. With so many stories going on, who would rise up and make that lasting impression?

First up, we have a tag match between new allies Natalya and Nia Jax, taking on the team of Mickie James and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. The face team are out of the blocks quickly and tend to dominate most of the match. However, Jax gets the hot tag and finishes James off with a Press Slam, followed by a Leg Drop. Just as Jax gets the win, her Extreme Rules opponent Bliss strikes her with a kendo stick!

After Bliss lands a couple hits, Jax manages to stop the attack by grabbing the kendo stick! As she tries to hit Bliss, out sneaky Champ manages to roll out of the ring. While Bliss and James walk up the ramp, Jax breaks the kendo stick, sending a message that she’s ready for Extreme Rules.

Backstage, Jax warns that she’s ready to snap Bliss in half – just like she did with the kendo stick!

However, her opponent Alexa Bliss isn’t phased. She even gloats that she’s happy for the ‘overhyped rookie’ Ronda Rousey will be sitting ringside to watch her as she defends her Championship.

This week, we are also treated to grudge match of sorts, with Ember Moon taking on Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad. Yes, you called it – Sarah Logan tries to cause a distraction, Morgan tries to capitalise, but Moon manages to get another win. 2- Ember Moon, 0- Riott Squad!

Finally, Sasha Banks and Bayley continue their counselling sessions… but all we really got was that Dr. Shelby couldn’t make filming, so they brought in ‘an associate’ instead. They discuss their issues, but still nothing interesting. I mean, it’s stated that they need to feedback their progress to RAW GM Kurt Angle… but who cares at this stage.

Thoughts: Damn… for all my regular readers, you know that I have been really negative lately. While I don’t like being one of ‘those’ writers, this week really underscored it. I feel that no one across this entire broadcast gained anything whatsoever?

What’s ruining it for me now is the absolute predictability of the matches. X gets the upperhand, the match cuts to a commercial break, when we come back from the break Y is now on the offensive, then due to outside interference (a friend or tag partner) X get the advantage again, only for Y to get the surprise win again. Natalya/Nia/Alexa/Mickie is not an exciting combination, Morgan/Moon hasn’t developed enough for the crowd to care and Bayley/Sasha has been hilariously overplayed.

Even more hilarious is how the match between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax is the only Extreme Rules at Extreme Rules… mess. We have seen these two mix it in the ring several times and we know it’s not the best. Even Bliss hitting Jax with the kendo stick looked basic? I’m going to stay optimistic about the possible quality of this match… but I’m not holding my breath.

Then we have the weird Riott Squad vs. Ember Moon feud… that no one gives a fuck about. If they are going to have Logan and Morgan cause riots backstage, then at least let them cause havoc to relevant people? Why have them messing with Tyler Breeze backstage when they can be sabotaging Ember Moon? Either way, I see a pool of Jobbers here and this crosses over to the new talent on SmackDown… why give these women a chance if they’re going to be side dishes?

Finally, let me address Sasha and Bayley… fuck me this is Wrestlecrap worthy now. Both of them aren’t actresses and with the division so packed, it seems these two have been given a back seat. I don’t hate these segments, but I’d be lying if I said I was interested in where this is going.

I admit that this PPV is the least I’ve been excited about since I joined this website in 2016. They could have done so much more, but it seems that this is going to be a mess…

Are you excited for Extreme Rules? What did you think of this week’s’ matches? Do you care about these lame counselling sessions? Get in touch below!

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