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RAW 07/30/18 – Foxy makes everyone ME-OWW

The Sun has been blazing across the world and the heating up has continued through to the RAW ring. SummerSlam is our second biggest event in the WWE calendar and all our women are making moves to solidify their mark. Particularly after last week’s groundbreaking announcement of Evolution, the WWE’s first all women’s PPV event, the booking of the women is bound to take a step up as we lead to the big event.

First up, RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss catches up with the returning Alicia Fox backstage. Bliss reveals that her usual accomplice Mickie James is sidelined with an injury, so she has chosen Fox to take on the current thorn in her side, Natalya. Fox is confident that she’ll be able to help out Bliss and it looks like a new bond has been formed.

In a pleasant showing following her return from injury, Fox and Natalya work a nice match that takes us back to their 2011 matches on Superstars. Wow, a whole 7 years ago the iconic moment took place when Foxy spat on Natalya. Anyway, it was nice action with Fox generally dominating the match until she goes to attack Ronda Rousey who is by Natalya’s side at ringside. The distraction allows Bliss to hit her forearm on Natalya, making her an easy target for a big boot. Foxy picks up the win and celebrates with Bliss, but Rousey take the opportunity to target her SummerSlam opponent.

Rousey chases Bliss down and is set to lock in her lethal armbar, but Foxy makes the save. Foxy is met with Rousey’s version of a reverse TKO to sideline her, allowing her to target Bliss again. After a game of cat and mouse, Rousey seems to have Bliss in her grasp, but once again gets knocked from behind by Fox. Fox throws Rousey into the ring barricade twice, giving herself and Bliss enough time to get away.

Sick and tired of the numbers games, Rousey demands a match from RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He sets the match for next week, with Ronda Rousey taking on Alicia Fox.

Later on in the night, we’re treated to the reformed best friends Sasha Banks and Bayley (now going by the Hug’n’Boss Connection’) taking on Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan from the Riott Squad. In what was practically another squash match, the tag team duo of our NXT 2015 Golden Girls work together seamlessly to finish off Morgan and our viking Logan (yes broadcast team, we get it, Sarah has some viking heritage). Banks and Bayley hit some nice double team combos, ultimately finishing Morgan off with a Backstabber into the Bayley-to-belly for the victory. Have to love how a couple weeks ago, this looked like the most promising RAW women’s feud.

Sasha Banks and Bayley continue the celebrations backstage, nothing to note here except, why is Mike Rome standing with his legs so far apart?

Thoughts: Alicia FOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXX! Well done sis, how refreshing to see Alicia back in the mix and showing everyone what she can do. Sure it was forgettable in the long run, but I’m more than happy that she’s been given a slot in this feud. As much as I love Mickie James, I’ve really struggled to get into her partnership with Alexa Bliss. Maybe this time out will help, but using Alicia in this role is much more beneficial.

While I didn’t really rate the match between Fox/Nattie too high, it was still nice to see these women working together again. As mentioned above, these two pulled off strong matches together years ago, so it is really nice to see how these two have changed over the years – especially since the women are allowed to do a lot more now. Plus, it was lovely to see Fox get the win… because she barely gets those here.

My only flaw is that I can’t help but think that Fox is doing the job next week, but mainly because of backstage politics. Sure Fox would be used to put over Rousey anyway, but you can’t help but think that the WWE are going to pull some stupid move to play up on the backstage problems between Alicia and Ronda’s husband Travis Browne. I would love to see Fox put up a solid match, but I really feel that she’s going to get squashed next week and it will completely ruin all this momentum on her return. One thing we can’t deny is Ronda’s popularity though, so if this helps to rub off on Alicia then I’m more than happy for her to stay involved.

So… the Hug’n’Boss Connection… all friends… matching attires… new name.. Another squash to put them over? Yeah, looks like we’re getting tag team titles. That is the only reason why I see this tension between them ended and going completely 180 degrees. Why have these two feud, when they can be the inaugural tag team Champs and become the next Tommaso Ciampa/Johnny Gargano?

I can see the potential, but just like the Mickie/Alexa friendship, I’m just not into it. When you’ve invested so much for two people to be enemies, it’s just a slap in the face when they try to tell us we should think they’re friends again. It’s terrible booking and it has completely destroyed these two. Even as a duo, I just fail to see these two thriving as a tag team. Having them squash the Riott Squad did nothing for them anyway. Of the entire NXT 2016 crop, only Ember Moon seems to be doing alright. The booking of the IIconics, Riott Squad, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville and Asuka has been absolutely dreadful and with a big oversaturated division on both shows, this is growing as a problem.

Do you think this is the start of our women’s tag division? Are you happy Foxy is getting involved or do you think she’s just another jobber? Do you like Ronda’s hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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