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Raw Discussion Post: September 4th, 2017

What will happen on tonight’s Monday Night Raw after the announcement of a Raw Women’s Title rematch taking place at No Mercy between the Champion Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks?

Read‘s preview to tonight’s show below:

Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women’s Champion, but she definitely didn’t look like a winner when this past Monday’s broadcast drew to a close. As Nia Jax hoisted the triumphant “Goddess” onto her shoulder after her victory over Sasha Banks, Alexa’s imposing would-be ally sent the new titleholder crashing to the canvas, seizing the moment to hold Bliss’ new title above her own head.

How will Alexa deal with Nia on Raw? Moreover, how will The Boss bounce back after once again failing to retain the Raw Women’s Championship?” have also teased to continue Emma‘s #GivaEmmaAChance movement:

Well, we all might have to #GiveEmmaAChance after what transpired Monday night, when the bitter Superstar earned a surprise victory over decorated veteran Mickie James. This marks Emma’s first one-on-one victory since May of last year, and her triumph could be a new beginning for the former fan-favorite. Will Emma gain more momentum this week?

Tune in to Raw on the USA Network at 8pm ET.

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