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Raw Predictions: Who’ll Win the Divas Battle Royal?

Tonight will see a battle royal to determine the #1 Contender for Kelly Kelly‘s Divas Title at SummerSlam. The Diva Dirt team weigh in with their predictions…

April: It is far to hard to choose who you think is going to win so I’m just going to pick who I want to win. I would love to see the ever so fierce Alicia Fox pull out this win. I think she’s come so far and she is definitely one of my favorite Divas. I wouldn’t mind seeing her take on a challenger in Nattie, because their chemistry is amazing. I wouldn’t mind seeing her take on a challenger in Beth Phoenix or even Melina. Either way, she can rock the ring so she needs the bling.

Bobby: I’m not going to try to sugarcoat anything, this will probably be given 3 minutes max, and we’ll return from commercial break to everyone already in the ring. The commentators will seem confused by eliminations and compliment Kelly Kelly on her beauty to pass the time as Diva by Diva is tossed over. Rosa or Kaitlyn will sadly go first like every time the SmackDown gang visits Raw, and in the end it’ll come down to Eve, the Bellas, and Alicia Fox. Eve manages to toss Nikki out and begins fighting with Brie on the ring apron. Out of nowhere, Alicia Fox runs up and shoves both to the floor taking the victory and facing K2 at SummerSlam.

Cryssi: There’s a few obvious choices here, so I’m going to stick with my gut and go against the grain. I’m not picking Beth, Alicia, Nikki, or anyone else who might seem like the logical choice. I’m going with someone who I feel with match up the best with Kelly Kelly on the second biggest stage of them all. I’m picking Maryse to win the battle royal and head to L.A. in search of her third Divas Championship in her surrogate home town. For such an important show, there’s not many matches yet, but I expect the two main title matches to take precedent over anything else, and there will some other matches. The Divas match won’t get much time so having a fun, shenanigan-filled title defense for Kelly would be a great route to go. She needs another strong defense to secure her reign as legit so why not go over the longest reigning champ in history so far? No, the match won’t be a Alicia/Melina classic, but it would be fun and actually something I’d get excited to see.”

Erin: I’m gonna go out on a limb and get creative with this one. With the WWE’s history of shrinking from major babyface/babyface matches, I’m willing to bet that the winner of this battle royal will be a heel. Since there aren’t too many viable heel candidates for a title feud, let’s create one. Let’s turn Beth Phoenix. She hasn’t been heel in some time, but we know she’s fully capable of being one, and her raw strength would allow her to heelishly manhandle the underdog Kelly. In the battle royal itself, Beth could align with a bayface for most of the match, only to turn and screw her over at the very end, maliciously taking the victory and intimidating the hell out of a watching Kelly. So, with all of that said, I’ll say that a heel Beth Phoenix will win the battle royal and the title shot.

Katelyn: My pick for the winner of the Divas battle royal is Beth Phoenix. I feel like the looks after last week’s Raw tag match were significant. Coming off a war with the Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly has already pinned most of the other heel divas, whether she’s been feuding with them or not. She is looking like a strong champion. An opponent like Beth, after a heel turn, is just what is needed to freshen things up a little.

Melanie: A few frontrunners here – Alicia, Beth and Eve. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of the three pick up the win, but Eve or Alicia seem like the two most likely candidates. I think all signs are pointing to Fox facing Kelly at SummerSlam because she’s been on a hot streak and is on the promotional material for the pay per view. Alicia Fox wins.

Steven: I think I’m going to place my bet on Alicia Fox to win the battle royal on Raw this week. Aside from Kelly Kelly, Alicia has been the most dominant Diva on either brand in recent weeks and it would be a shame if WWE doesn’t capitalize on that. Hopefully, Alicia takes the win and starts a decent program with Kelly Kelly.

Who do you predict will win? Tell us in the comments.

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