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Raw Redux – August 04, 2008

This week on Raw: Mickie James defeated Katie Lea once again, only to be attacked by Beth Phoenix. Layla and Kelly Kelly also made appearances.

Thoughts & Reactions
If WWE were a man, he’d be a premature ejaculator. When it comes to the ladies, WWE likes to rush into things with little to no impact and last night might have been the single most “blink and you’ll miss it” moment in Diva history. As my good friend *cough* Heidi Klum would say, one day you’re in and the next you’re out. That’s exactly what happened on Raw as Katie was out and Beth was in, in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to the long drawn programme that has taken place between Katie and Mickie over the past couple of months and say hello to a tag team match at SummerSlam between Kofi Kingston and Mickie  taking on Beth and Santino.

Last week, I was full of hope and optimism… that was lost the second Mike Adamle announced there would be three title defences on Raw. I immediately knew we’d get Katie vs Mickie on Raw instead of at SummerSlam. My hope was deflated as I knew that we wouldn’t get the build-up I had so excitedly written about last week, instead we would get another lackluster match relegated to Raw. Did WWE not learn a few weeks ago how stale and boring this match was? They really needed the next few weeks to get fans interested again and pay us off at SummerSlam, after last week they incited some excitement in us fans but this week instead of continuing that booking, like any premature ejaculator… they peaked too soon. It was far too soon for this rematch and did nothing for either Diva, especially Katie Lea. We’ve been saying for weeks now, what is the point of a rematch unless Katie finally wins the title? I thought even though it’s not SummerSlam like I had hoped, they could redeem themselves by giving Katie the title. Instead, we got Mickie defeating Katie for the third straight time, which leaves one to wonder… what is the point? What point does it serve to have Mickie go over each and every time? Honestly, they continue to book the programme but have Katie lose every time, that’s not a storyline, that’s a waste of time. But to be honest, I don’t think last night’s match was worthy of a title change at all… it was a dark night in the career of Mickie James and to a lesser extent, Katie Lea. This was one of the worst matches I’ve seen two experienced wrestlers compete in, in quite some time. The whole match was uncomfortable and plodded along. Katie is continuously unexciting in the ring, given the push she has received and the skills she has – why is her wrestling so bland?! This match was really awkward to watch.

Match Ratings: PASS / FAIL
Comments: Third time lucky? No chance!

Next up we have Beth Phoenix officially in the title race again, attacking Mickie after the match. Am I the only one to let out a really big groan? The last thing I want to see is Beth vs Mickie again! Their feud was less than stellar the first time round but if they share more chemistry in the ring than Katie and Mickie obviously had, I guess I can learn to deal. I’m not too excited for the SummerSlam tag team match, but I would prefer it to a singles match between the two.

Layla also appeared on Raw, doing what she does best… dancing the night away! Is it just me or was William Regal about to say, “Every King needs a Queen” when he was interrupted by Jamie Noble?! Could you imagine Queen Layla?! Eek, if only he had been able to finish the sentence =(

Individual Assessments
In this portion we will look at each of the Divas individually and the role they played, adding more thoughts yadda yadda:

Beth Phoenix: Beth vs Mickie again? No thanks. But her backstage segment with Santino and Mike Adamle was fun.

Katie Lea: Katie seems really uncomfortable in the ring.

Layla: I have a soft spot for Layla, anything to get her on my screen is fine by me!

Mickie James: Mickie wins again (to her own detriment).

Fashion Focus
The Good: Layla.

The Bad: Mickie.

The In-Between: I’m not sure whether I like Katie’s outfit or not.

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