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Raw Redux – December 08, 2008

I’ve always made this observation and I’ve always been right: It seems that the Divas get even less screen time than usual when we have these big three hour Raws. Where’s the sense in that? No Divas match left Melanie disappointed.

So Beth Phoenix is the Diva of the Year for 2008 and she has had a great year, so I would say it’s deserved. Beth started out the year as a boring ‘seen it all before’ heel who just happened to hold the title but in the second half of 2008, Beth has shown more character and flare than ever before. The Glamazon has shown she’s a great comedienne and if she were ever to leave WWE, I think she’d fit right in on a sitcom somewhere. Before she got with Santino, I didn’t rate Beth much as an actress but she has shown great comic timing and is proving to be a really fun character which takes the edge off her whole ‘powerhouse’ deal.

Great to see that we got some storyline advancement this week, I think I had an inkling that Beth would win the award when Melina came out to present. I’m really loving the interaction between Beth and Melina and I’m really looking forward to their eventual match-up, I think it could be a nice addition to Sunday’s Armageddon card. That card only has four announced matches, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see two Divas matches since both Raw and SmackDown have strong storylines that could translate into matches on the pay per view. The Women’s Championship for Raw, Beth vs Melina and the Divas Championship for SmackDown, Michelle McCool vs Maria.

As for the Slammy presentations: I liked that Melina took a risk and I really liked the concept of her dress but the execution didn’t work. She looked kind of odd. I liked the colours, but something about it just didn’t click. As always, Maria made Erin and I make our “WTF?!” exclamation, it’s pretty much become obligatory. If there’s one Diva who should never get on the mic, it’s Candice with her cracked-out voice. Painful. Her wardrobe was pretty standard stuff, though looked a little Marilyn Monroe rip-off to me. As boring as she may be, Tiffany looked great and I loved her dress. Alicia Fox looked pretty good and came across really well, I loved her quip to Joey Styles, she showed some fun personality which should help her stand out in future as a Diva. Eve didn’t look too bad either. I wasn’t feeling Mickie’s dress at all, it just didn’t suit her, while Jillian looked bland in black.

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