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Raw Redux (December 23rd, 2013): Bah Humbug!

Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh humbugggggggggg.

If there was ever a Christmas song written about yours truly, it’s definitely the Grinch song. I’m sitting here at work on Christmas Eve typing up a Redux about a match that was truly horrible. Granted, I find all holiday and gimmicky matches horrible unless they involve some type of extreme element so perhaps I’m not the best person to judge something like this. That said, the match speaks for itself and I still have two agonizing hours left at this desk. Joy to the world.

I don’t like anything that is a spot fest and looks overly rehearsed. It hurts my eyes and this hurts my heart. Holiday shows usually suck and last night was no exception. At least all the girls got on television and got a chance to break out some new holiday outfits. That’s a plus, I reckon, and AJ was involved in some capacity. Lucky her for getting a chance to sit this one out, haha.

Summer Rae looked stunning at Fandango‘s side as he took on our former Raw Redux boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. Le sigh, breaking up with Prince Dawlf was hard to do, and memories came flooding back during this match, but it was our dear Fandango and Summer who stole the show.

Another dumb holiday match but at least this one had a point. Fandango wins a chance to face Big E. Langston next week for the Intercontinental Championship. I wonder if Summer will go out of her way to help her man win the gold?

We also saw a bit more of Cameron and Naomi when they joined R Truth, Xavier Woods, Santino Marella, The Great Khali and 2/3 of 3MB for a “Christmas Carol Sing-Off”, hosted by Renee Young.

Also bringing the joy were the tyrants of the WWE. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Kane all hit the ring at the beginning of Raw to spread a little joy. Obviously, whatever joyous feeling each of us got from watching Raw was quickly killed when Randy Orton walked out, but regardless, we got Kane’s cool pyro at the end.

See? Cool pyro.

Merry Christmas, readers. I have loans to write and people to stalk. Happy Holidays and enjoy whatever it is that you might celebrate. Regardless of how you spend December 25th, enjoy yourself. Surround yourself with peace and good will. Be happy. Also, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every comment and hit you guys give this Redux. Negative, positive… whatever. The more you hate and the more you love adds more fuel to my fire for writing, stating opinions, and throwing whatever I want out here in my little section of the Diva Dirt universe. Believe it or not, you guys mean the world to us and thank you so much for coming back week after week.

See you guys next week! Namaste!

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