Raw Redux (July 15th, 2013): Hell Hath No Fury Like an AJ Lee Scorned


I must say that after a rather lackluster showing at Money in the Bank during her title defense, Divas Champion AJ Lee more than made up for it with her antics during the World Heavyweight Championship match. She cost her precious Zigglypuff his shot at redemption against Alberto Del Rio, and the drama from that spilled over onto Monday Night Raw.

In fact, the last night’s entire program was pretty Diva-heavy which makes this writer a very happy Khaleesi. We were treated to segments from Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon, and we got a great little match from Naomi and Brie Bella. Cameron and Nikki Bella were at ringside supporting their respective partners in crime, and when all that was added together with a strong show, Raw definitely left me more happy and excited for SummerSlam than Sunday night did.

On thing I really liked about Raw was the backstage segment with Stephanie, her love Triple H, and newly minted General Manager, Brad “I Wear A Smedium” Maddox. To me, it seems like these two might be up to something sneaky. This segment came off as “good cop, bad cop” to me.

I’m kind of thinking they ousted Vickie because they both knew Brad would be easier to manipulate. Maybe, at this point, I’m digging too deeply into this.

Our beloved Queen Vickie has been reduced to politicing for a slot on Raw, but you have to give her props for absolutely owning everything she’s given. She was working that sandwich board along with a stunning sequined top that likely had Fandango and Summer Rae seething with jealously.

I’m not sure where they’re going with our cougar and Queen, but I do believe it’s going to result in her managing someone. I hope and pray that it isn’t Roidback because Vickie deserves better, but you really and truly never know. I’d love to see her fued with Brad, but how they could possibly set that up, I don’t know. I’m just glad this is a storyline. And if anyone can make crap work, it’s Vickie Guerrero. She’s that talented and who doesn’t love her? I can not stress enough that this woman can make an angle work.

I mentioned Summer Rae just then, and I hope you gorgeous people didn’t think I forgot her. She literally made my jaw drop with how GORGEOUS she looked at MiTB, and I’m proud to say that I’m handling her better as Fandango’s dancer now because she’s definitely got a great character. This goes back to the whole owning everything, no matter what it is. And she’s absolutely getting more and more comfortable out there. I can’t say I hated her interupting the opening segment along with Fandango. John Cena and Randy Orton didn’t quite know what to think about our favorite ballroom dancer. It certainly led to an amazing match with Fandango and Randy.

Like I eluded too above, Summer is getting more and more comfortable. I still find that at times her motions are forced, and sometimes hard to watch, but she’s learning. We know what she’s capable of on NXT and how absolutely fantastic she is, but here she’s doing something completely different. I’m really starting to get on board because I truly believe Fandango eats, sleeps, and breathes his character. I’m not 100% there yet on Summer being his sidekick, but I’m glad no other Diva got that part. I really don’t think they could work those ballroom costumes as well as Summer. She’s drop dead gorg, and I can’t say enough nice things about her today.

The match between Naomi and Brie was also very nice. I love that the Bellas don’t bother with “Twin Magic” anymore. It’s kind of pointless given the differences in them now, and we also know Nikki has a bit of an injury. Absolutely wishing her a speedy recovery! On the other side of the spectrum, the Funkdactyls continue set themselves apart from Brodus Clay and Tensai. Getting to watch Naomi in singles action is always a treat and if the outcome of the match from last night is any indication, then she definitely needs to be AJ’s next challenger.

To me, Brie has always been the better worker whereas Nikki has always had the better character, and she really looked great working with Naomi. I thought their chemistry was spot on, and this is the best Brie has looked since the Bellas returned. A lot of that is due to the quality of opponent she had, and really, Naomi is second to none. She’s the best pure athlete on the Diva roster and I truly hope she is next in line to go for the title. She’s been a star in the ring since day one, and I think it’s time for her to get a legitimate feud. AJ and Naomi could work magic together, and I would probably cry over how awesome that could be. But back on track, I think this match was crisp, sharp, and both did their best. I loved Naomi getting the win because the Bellas always react so good with losses. Really, really can’t wait for Total Divas to start. It’s going to be brilliant!

The aftermath of what happened at MiTB between our favorite honorary Diva, Dolph Ziggler, and AJ was also brilliant and probably the highlight of the show. After months and months of forcing all of us to watch this play out (I still stand firm that it did nothing for either one of them), the split was very well done. After AJ cost her man his rematch, you just knew Raw was going to be nasty. And it was.

We got the return of Cray J and now a potential feud between Prince Dawlf and Big E. Langston, who more than let us know he was on the side of the Divas Champion.

AJ has never been the type of woman who’s dealt well with a break up, and we’ve watched her go through many her short time on camera – Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, Cena… – you get the point. I’m kind of confused about what happened to Primo, but regardless, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Prince Dawlf should have known that something horrible was going to happen given her history, but we all take a chance for love…

I kind of just laughed at that.

I also kind of laughed at AJ’s revenge. How freaking creepy did she look ringing that bell at ringside, wearing the hoodie?! She probably has the best “I hate men” faces ever and poor Prince Dawlf. Now he is going to have to suffer at her hands. Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned, and AJ is definitely scorned now. God knows what she has planned for Dawlf now, and with Big E by her side… I kind of feel like I need jump over in Ziggler’s corner!

What a tough job that would be!

Overall, Raw was everything tonight and now we just have to sit back and wait for the pieces to fall in line for SummerSlam. Will Naomi actually end up getting the title shot? Is AJ going to forget she’s champion because she’s obsessed with getting revenge on our beloved Dawlf? Do we have a chance at seeing Brie and Nikki get involved with DB and Cena? What’s the deal with Stephanie and Triple H? Are they trying to get sole control of the company by planting seeds of doubt in Brad? And finally, what about Vickie? What’s next for our Queen?

Until next time… Khaleesi out!