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Raw Redux (March 10th, 2014): Nikki Has Her Eyes on the Prize

So last night on Raw, two AMAZING things happened. The first was the return of “Screechy Steph” AKA Stephanie McMahon at her absolute most brilliant during an iconic segment known as “Occupy Raw”. And the second was a solid tag team match and some pretty good commentary to go along with it. So without further adieu…

When The Authority came out towards the beginning of the show, I didn’t really listen or pay attention to what was going on. As usual, they ran over Daniel Bryan but decided to be the bigger people and issue an apology for all the shenanigans that went down last week. I love how Stephanie wears the pants in the relationship and she was really into character – playing the smug and bitchy boss who knows she can get her way no matter what. Triple H is perfect with her, and I just love them on television on a weekly basis.

What I loved even more was the response Daniel had to what Stephanie and Triple H wanted. Our favorite hero decided to “occupy Raw” and make some demands of his own – demands that would send Stephanie and Hunter both spiraling out of control.

First of all, wow.

Just from a fan perspective, I’m SOLD on WrestleMania. All my eggs are in the ‘Mania basket and I am ready to hang out in the SuperDome and see how everything unfolds. Secondly, is Stephanie not perfect? The segment was golden and she brought it to life. Hunter and his two security guards were perfect. Daniel Bryan is a god. I haven’t always liked the things they’ve done, but last night made absolutely everything we’ve been force fed since SummerSlam worth it. “Screechy Steph” is my hero. I can’t wait to see if they try and retaliate. Daniel Bryan absolutely forced their hand and we all know that Stephanie isn’t going to take that laying down.

As sweet as that piece of cake was, the icing was even better because Brie and Nikki Bella, AJ Lee, and Tamina Snuka put on a nice tag match. And Natalya was pretty great on commentary as well.

The ending just left the door open to so many possibilities especially when we know we’re getting AJ versus Nattie tonight on Main Event. Nikki holding up that championship and staring down Natalya speaks volumes. The deck is getting more and more stacked against the champion and it will be interesting to see if AJ is able to survive the latest onslaught of Total Diva contenders. Personally, I don’t know who will end up with that belt once WrestleMania is said and done, but my bet is that tonight we will see some kind of shady ending that will give us a multi-diva championship match at the big show.

At least that is what I’m hoping.

Just please, for the love of everything, keep Aksana away from the action. I still haven’t forgiven her for taking away Naomi versus AJ.

That’s about it for today. It’s a busy day at work and I have a lot to do. I want to send out lots of love, hugs, and kisses to the fierce and fabulous Jake who filled in for me last week. I know you trolls probably wished he was taking over my spot for good, but giving you what you want just isn’t in my nature.

Until next time… Namaste.

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