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RAW Redux – May 26, 2008

This week on RAW: BFFs, Melina and Jillian came to blows in the ring, Beth Phoenix watched and commentated, an “I Quit” match was announced for One Night Stand, Mickie James appeared in a pointless segment while JBL made a “subtle” escort joke and Katie Lea shined on the mic!

Thoughts & Reactions
Erin’s psychic powers yesterday predicted that Melina and Beth will face off in an “I Quit Match” while I was leaning more towards cage match or strap match, but “I Quit” works fine for me too! Beth and Melina saw some storyline advancement going into their big battle this Sunday night and gosh, is it just me or is there an air of excitement surrounding the future of the women’s division right now? Of course, WWE has tightened up and are delivering solid women’s action but to go a step further and deliver a first with this match… I’m certainly excited! I just hope that all the WWE Divas will be in the back watching this on the monitor on tenterhooks. Because for me this match marks a revolution of some-kind and that’s something that all these Divas, no matter what show they’re on should support.

I wasn’t really happy with the Melina-Jillian match, partly because just a couple of weeks ago they were BFFs. I think this is a feud they could have explored after Melina’s done with Beth. But they rushed it and it was all over in like 2-3 minutes. I do understand that there’s no other heel Divas so that would explain why they went this route. Melina is officially a face, I have always wondered what that would be like since she’s so devilish, but the fans seem to love her – note the big pop when she came out. To be a great Diva you need to be versatile as a face and a heel, Melina seems to be going in the right direction so far. Anyway, this match was a little sloppy, see the end spot before Melina hit her submission hold. Adding soundtrack to this match was Beth Phoenix on commentary, for me it didn’t work. After hearing Melina on commentary last week, I was underwhelmed by Beth, she came across really bland and boring and “textbook” like she was reading an autocue. Anyway, I cannot wait till One Night Stand!

Mickie James has been stuck on “backstage” mode in recent weeks, I guess it makes a nice change but at the same time, she is the freakin’ Women’s Champion. I guess we’re not going to get Katie vs Mickie after all *sniffle* no advancement there. Instead, Mickie gets a backstage segment with Vince and JBL. A nice subtle reference to Ashley there, I guess it was inevitable and Creative thought enough time had passed. Notice how Ashley was again, noticeably absent… not that I’m complaining. I don’t know about you but the phrase “bodily fluids” makes me cringe, it always has. Mickie is a bad actor.

From Mickie’s robotic Razzie winning performance, we get Katie Lea who is rather playful on the mic, isn’t she? Her mannerisms are very diva-ish, not Diva-Diva-ish, but like Mariah Carey diva-ish. Finally, a high profile feud and push for the Burchills. This segment came across very well, I think working will Mr. Kennedy will help give Paul the rub, while we get to see more of Katie. I was kinda hoping Mickie would run down the ramp and attack her *sigh* maybe a mixed tag team match is in our futures, though.

Individual Assessments
In this portion we will look at each of the Divas individually and the role they played, adding more thoughts yadda yadda:

Beth Phoenix: Beth wasn’t exactly exciting on the microphone, rather disappointing if you ask me. She should continue to stay the strong, silent type.

Jillian: RAW’s resident jobber finally gets some work, I didn’t like how they had Jillian turn on Melina at the blink of an eye. And girl, sort out your weave…

Katie Lea: Katie was charming on the mic, she came across very well.

Maria: Maria made a teeny, tiny appearance at the end of the show in the crowd of Superstars as Vince came out. From Playboy covergirl to random spots.

Melina: Melina has what it takes to be a top face, though the match was sloppy, it achieved it’s goal setting up Melina vs Beth.

Mickie James: Mickie needs acting lessons. ‘Nuff said.

Fashion Focus
The Good: Melina looked pretty good, as did Beth.

The Bad: Jillian, by far.

The In-Between: Katie looked nice but I’m not that keen on it.

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