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Raw Redux (October 24th, 2011): Alicia Fox Brings the Fierce with a Surprise Victory

If you’re anything like me (and if you’re not, you should be) then you came away from Vengeance on a Diva high, having thoroughly enjoyed the Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres title match. It was hands down the best match of Eve’s career, as well as my personal favorite Diva match this year. Both girls put on one hell of a show on Sunday, and it actually made me excited for Raw. Now as I’m typing this, I’ve yet to watch the match, but knowing that Natalya is in the ring is a step in the right direction. Much to my delight, the rarely seen Alicia Fox is her opponent tonight so let’s see where this match goes. Follow along with me and enjoy the live commentary! My gift to each and every one of you on what has been a fun-filled birthday week thus far. Anyway…

Natalya makes her way to the ring and I can only assume that Beth is with her. We don’t see the Divas Champion, but regardless, Nattie looks fierce tonight. Her opponent, whom I affectionately refer to as Alicia Fierce, is out next, and duh, she always lives up to her name. I also believe she has new theme music, but of this, I can not be sure. She’s only been off my television screen for the past 23947203947239057 days. Slight exaggeration but you get the point. Oh! There’s Beth. She’s joining the commentary team tonight and oh my gosh… I want her dress more than any other dress in the world. Good grief, that garment is stunning. I don’t want to turn this Redux into a fashion blog, but Beth has NEVER looked better. More pink, more sequins, more glam, please Beth, on the off chance that you’re reading this! P.S. What store did that come from?


So Nattie and Alicia get set to square off, while the champ puts herself and her victory over on commentary. Natalya is quick to try and get the better of Alicia, but the leggy Diva unleashes a flurry of offense on Natalya. But that’s only temporary because Natalya manages to push Alica off into the corner. Alicia, thinking the third-generation Canadian is behind her, jumps on the ropes and wants to leap frog over Nattie, but the smart blond isn’t there. She immediately takes Alicia out at the knees, and Foxy is down in the corner!

Natalya takes advantage by driving Alicia face first into the mat, and follows it up with an unnecessarily painful stomp to Alicia’s poor hand. Nattie’s heel tactics are legendary. She mounts the Foxy One and begins driving her head into the mat, and once Alicia is able to force Natalya off, both women get to their feet. Alicia doesn’t stay up for long, though as she eats a clothesline. With Alicia down, Natalya has the opportunity to reach into her pocket of submission holds. I think she’s going for the Sharpshooter, but apparently she’s not done with Alicia. Nattie begins softening Alicia up. To her credit, Foxy tries to fight out of it and manages to nail Nattie in the face, but that just infuriates one-half of the Divas of Doom. Natalya verbally rips Alicia a new one and locks that leglock in even tighter. Poor Foxy.

She doesn’t give up though! Alicia fights back and slips under Natalya’s leg, effectively reversing the hold, and forces Nattie to fight to the ropes. Once the blond grabs a handful, Alicia has to break her own submission move. Nattie is livid and kicks Alicia half-way across the ring via the ribcage, and forces her back into the corner. She’s screaming and yelling, and probably telling Alicia mean things. The ref forces Nattie back, but she charges forward anyway. Alicia puts a stop to that and is able to flip over Nattie, getting her in a pinning position.

Oh wow. She got a three count.

Cut to backstage where Eve and Kelly Kelly are watching on a monitor. They’re pleased, to say the least. Alicia goes to celebrate but a furious Natalya (and she has a right to be pissed seeing as how she’s not won a match in years it seems) attacks her from behind. Beth ditches her heels and is quick to back up Nattie. They want to double team Alicia, but Alicia hangs on to the ropes for dear life and manages to escape! Score one for Foxy. Divas of Doom are not happy campers.

Hmmm. Well, I’ll be honest here. The match was kind of decent sans the ending. I’m not a huge fan of surprise victories, especially when Natalya and Beth are trying to push this pin-up strong movement. But, Alicia winning was completely huge. It was big for Foxy and I hope it gets her into the title picture with Beth. The more opponents Beth gets, the better it is for the division and for the belt. She’s so experienced and so accomplished that she can have a match with anyone. And all it does is help these girls as they try and improve in the ring. I’m a huge Alicia fan so I want more from this.

That said, I’m not convinced we’re going to get it. They were all to quick to cut to Kelly and Eve backstage. I think next week on Raw, we’re going to get some stereotypical Halloween costume contest battle royal, or whatever, because it is Halloween and it’s an excuse to get Divas in costumes. I’m okay with that since Halloween is my favorite holiday. What I’m not okay with is that Alicia probably won’t be winning said battle royal, which could very well end up being for title contendership. I think they may push Eve for another month, or Kelly could get the nod one more time. I just don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Divas of Doom versus Kelly/Eve.

Personally, I’d like to see Alicia get the nod this month, or have a DOD versus Chickbusters feud. I’d also love to see the Bellas versus DOD. There’s so much they can do with Beth and Nattie. The possibilities are endless so Johnny Ace, if you’re trolling my Redux, which you could very well be doing since this is DIVA Dirt, make the creative team CARE ABOUT THE DIVAS. They’re more than just pretty faces and really ridiculous hot bodies. They can wrestle and they can fight. And Beth and Eve proved that they can produce great matches given the chance and the time.

That’s it for this week… Cryssi out!

P.S. More Vickie please. I miss writing about her.

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